Troop Guide and Levelling Suggestions

If you feed already trained troops you will loose a lot of XP. Simply don’t do that.

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I’m curious: Is there any reason to keep 1* troops, now that tournaments for 1* and 2* heros have afiicially been cancelled?

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Nope :stuck_out_tongue:

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Fed away my 1* troops.

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Sorry my love of the game is going downhill since the greed of Alchemy Lab (final straw), so I’m not on the forum as much.

Updated 1* troop section now, thanks.

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Thanks for putting this together @FrostbiteXIII, I found this information very useful

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For what it’s worth, I just got a 4* Blue Crit Troop, the last one I hadn’t gotten.

It took me 20 months and a week.


Aw, I was going to get you one for Moderators Day too. I’m either off the hook or now I have to try and exchange the one I have. Maybe I can pick up a slightly used hero in a couple of days.
Wadda ya think? :face_with_monocle:


Congrats @zephyr1!

I just got my Blue Mana Troop a couple weeks back. I started in Late July 2018. So almost exactly the same amount of time. :slight_smile:

I spent gems on troop summons.

I have:
12 Red
9 Yellow
9 Purple
8 Green
2 Blue

For a total of 40…

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Thanks, and you too!

I started July 4, 2018.

I have not spent gems on Troop Summons.

I have:

  • Red: 4 Crit, 2 Mana
  • Yellow: 3 Crit, 2 Mana
  • Green: 6 Crit, 7 Mana
  • Blue: 1 Crit, 4 Mana
  • Purple: 5 Crit, 5 Mana

For a total of 39.

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I started 1 year ago (May 10, 2019) and I haven’t spend gems on troop summons, too.

I have:

  • Red: 1 Crit (unleveled yet - got it through the red 2 coin today)
  • Green: 2 Crit (1 unleveled, 1 lvl9)
  • Blue: 1 Mana (lvl 16)

I don’t really like pvp and only take part in tournaments, raids and wars because of valor and don’t care about my raid chest.

Primarily I would say that I see it as similar to Rook. But I find it very tempting to load my special ability faster. However, it is often the case that I shoot so many tiles that I cannot use this advantage.

Since I don’t know how long it takes to have a 4* troop to each color I am thinking about leveling the lower troops as well.


Troops are the most confusing part of the game for me… I just completed the rainbow set of 4* mana troops, and understand I should work in them, well, forever. But I’m really struggling to organize the rest of them. Would like to have some mix od 3* troops and 4* crit troops for mono teams, but have no clue what would be the optimal goal for them… :man_shrugging:t2:
PS. Part of the problem is the way troops are organized in the game, it seems a bit chaotic to me.

Hi, re the 2* troops … don’t you need them for special events / tourneys where only 2* troops are allowed ?
I think you do, therefore I decided to level them up to 5 … am I fundamentally wrong here ?

Hey since I was hella bored, I’ve done some calculations. You need 703.250 xp to max a 4* troop. That’s approximately: 17.500 1* troops, or 7800 2* troops, or 3500 3* troops. You can do around 350 10-pulls to guarantee a maxed 4s, 350 10-pulls is. Assuming you only get 3 troops from the 10-pulls, that will cost a whopping 560.000 gems

Excellent information. Well done!

I have read popular Empires “gurus” lean toward 4* MANA TROOPS. Due to CAUSING faster firing of heros’ specials.

Your explanations are clear. Easy to follow.
Thank you.

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Good guide

Do you believe…
That his R,G,P,Y teams look any different?

I couldn’t agree more.