Troop Guide and Levelling Suggestions

Why is the cost so high to level troops? I have 4* level 6 and it’s 38000 ham to get 40 exp. it’s impossible to level troops while leveling buildings and heroes

I actually think this is why the troop leveling costs are so high — to make it something that effectively requires you to have maxed out your stronghold, farms, Watchtower, and food storage before you can consistently afford to feed troops all the time.

Later in the game you’ll have way more food than you know what to do with. That’s when feeding troops is easy to afford.


@FrostbiteXIII- as this thread is going to float around, and you’re marketing it as a goal suggestion:

I really think you should change your recommendations, especially regarding 4* troops, to reflect the points beeing raised in the thread. The levels you are suggesting are arbitrary, and in several cases… Non-optimal.


old post is old. This was made when events were 10 stages long and when the Rare tier rewards were bad.

The opinion of the author of this post is no longer relevant

Leveling 2* troops only makes a difference in the rare tier of event quests, which is where most newbies are. I would really not recommend chasing that leaderboard though as the rewards aren’t that great. Most people just choose to complete it and move on. Unless you’re like me :stuck_out_tongue: in that case I did see the value in levelling my 2* troops, but I don’t keep more than 3 of one color myself (I usually run 3-2 teams, never mono color, and I’ve made it to top 100 on several events like that). Again though keep in mind rewards aren’t that good… I only go for it because I enjoy it. That’s it. If your goal is to get good resources for titans, then you definitely do not need to spend any time on your 2* troops.

Epic is where most can compete, and that’s where you’ll see much more value with leveling your 3* troops.


my target are initially one 2* of each colour , one 3* of each colour & one 3* of each colour
level them up to level 11 as much as possible , once i get an troop to L11 I will start on another say 2* Providing it is a 2* of a different type.
Eventually I will get one of each type of troop available for each level of 23 & 4* to L11 & beyond

I dont recal if there are events specific to 3* troops as yet but do know there are a few needing 2* troops

for the same reason I keep certain 3* troops for events particularly any 3* with any form of recharge or heal

Sorry not a forum regular and just catching up, tho it’s school holidays here. :wink:

I’ve still not got a blue 4*, but I have 4x 4*s in each of the other colours…

Here’s what I’ve gone for:

2*: 5, 3, 2
3*: 9, 5, 3
4*: 9, 5, 3, 2 (now that this is done, I’m upgrading my 9s - probably aim for 17 given the chat, than knock each of the others up a level at a time until I’m at 17, 9, 5, 3)

For updating the initial post, it sounds like the consensus is:
3*: 9, 5, 3 still sound ok?
4*: 23, 17, 11, 7, 3

What are we thinking?

Thanks. :slight_smile:

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For 4* mana troops, the important levels (based solely on mana increase) are 11, 17, 23 & 29. These levels are different from the crit increase levels of a 4* crit troop. So, you really want to set different goals for those two troop types.

Ideally, you should find out at which levels crit troops gain a crit increase, as this would probably be considered the most interesting aspect.

4* crit troops get a crit increase at level 3, [don’t know when next after that], 10, 14 [and them I’m back to not knowing ;)].

So, something like this:

4* mana troop: 11, 17, 23, 29
4* crit troop: 3, [something], 10, 14, [something-something]

And you might mention that every level increases something, if not crit/mana = leveling is good. Now we’re not even mentioning the differences relating to health and healing of different troop types. But you wanted to keep this guide simple, didn’t you? ;D

Edit: … And I have no idea about levels of lower * troops. I can imagine it gets messy with 3 different 3* troop types, but the levels may not be as important there …


Yeah, good point! So… the more I think about it, this was intended as a general guide for newbies. Just to give (and try to get) a rough idea of the levels at which the XP spent on troops that isn’t the main troop is worth it…

My worry at this point is that these levels of mana/crit points are very specific. Not only for troop type, but also for the heroes you take with you (from memory, for the mana troops, these levels are what reduces the number of tiles for very fast/fast etc, so if you had a L11 mana troop with gravemaker you would need one less tile) and your opponents hero abilities (if you take Melia, Tuck or Gregorian, or happen to face up against Little John, then what?)… This is waaay beyond the scope of what I initially intended.

My initial thinking was that, because I’m quite obsessive, I’d quite like to have the troops I’m keeping (for events, raids, defence, war, whatever) to be in line with each other, and to know when to stop for lower level troops.

I’m not obsessive enough that I will match troops with specific heroes… And if you are that obsessive/knowledgeable then that is well out of the scope of this, and I think you would need to be looking far more into troops and the best matches/levels for your specific heroes than I could ever provide (if anyone has links to the things, I would love to add them).

What I basically want to compile (but can’t find stats) is a list of XP required to get the heroes to these levels. And give a rough idea of how far to keep troops apart from each other whilst still being helpful… Ok, nothing like ignoring your wife (on Valentine’s Day no less) and kids for a few hours to come up with some maths… I’ve looked through my own troops, written down the XP required for levels and come up with the following formulae:
2* T(n) = 100 + 60(n-2)
3* T(n) = 250 + 90(n-2)
4* T(n) = 450 + 125(n-2)

Where T(n) is the XP required to get to Level n from level n-1. So for a 2* troop to get to L2 it costs 100 + 60(2-2) = 100. To get to L3 from L2 it costs 100 + 60(3-2) = 160. So total xp for L3 = 100 + 160…

From these calculations, we get the troop cost for the levels I have chosen to be:
2: 100
3: 260
5: 760
TOTAL: 1120

3: 390
5: 1540
9: 4520
TOTAL: 6650

2: 450
3: 1025
5: 2550
9: 7100
15: 17675
TOTAL: 28800


As this guide was based on how I personally play the game (and I consider myself a very average long term player - I’ve been here for 7 months, playing pretty obsessively, spending some money)… On that basis, here are my assumptions. If you see yourself in a different place, you might want to do a good amount more research to find what is best for you. I’m just trying to help what I would guess as the 80-90% of players in a similar situation as me…

  1. I have a rainbow defence, so my best troop wants to be the highest as it is used by far the most
  2. I take part and complete all challenge events, but at this point I have no intention of competing (for me the rewards just aren’t worth the effort, and frankly I just don’t think I’m quick enough!). I generally take a 3-2 or 2-2-1 team to events
  3. Wu has still managed to completely elude me as yet, and I currently take my 3 or 4 best matched heroes and 1 or 2 other heroes against the Titan.
  4. In wars I take a lot of mono teams along after my first attack or two.

So I think I get a lot of use (or at least some) out of ALL the troops I have leveled, and I never take any unleveled troops to a fight this way.

On this basis, I think I’ll update the initial post with more information when I get a few minutes, hopefully with a spreadsheet so people can work out what is best for them, and advice on what I would have done now that I have XP numbers, and why.

Once I’ve done that, more feedback would be great. :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone!


These appear to have experience per level for 4* troops, which might be useful to help confirm your calculations:

And some additional stats for each stat level:


Perfect, thanks, looks like it ties up nicely! Working numbers out by hand meant I was a couple hundred XP off, (now fixed above), but otherwise good - thanks!


Glad that helped! :heart_decoration:

Thank you for the advice Frostbite. I understand how difficult it would be to break it down to beginner level. But I got the gist of it and it helped me immensely.

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Well, this “beginner’s guide” now makes much more sense when we have tournaments!
Tournaments, where we are forced to use 3* heroes with 2* troops and 4* heroes with 3* troops! :wink:

So now I wouldn’t be so sure, that “MOST OTHERS RECOMMEND NOT LEVELLING 2* TROOPS” :wink:
I would recommend at least one 2* troops at level 3 or 4 :slight_smile: Even that would help and it’s VERY cheap to train :wink:

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Been meaning to clean this up for a while, and make my intent more obvious…

Must try harder! :wink:

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Hi folks, going to rewrite this, but (due to my own little “troops”, and work getting in the way) I only have bits of time here and there and I keep putting it off…

To make myself crack on, I’m going to just start now and put the topic UNDER CONSTRUCTION, old web-page-stylee…

I expect it’ll about me enough that I’ll have it done in a day or two.

Thanks for your patience! :slight_smile:


Oh it’s half past midnight…

Mostly finished, tho ideally the troop pictures would be smaller. And I need to go through and add more links…

Thanks again to everyone who chipped in. :slight_smile:

Hope this helps some people!

Goodnight everyone!

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You can do that either in the preview view by selecting a percentage size for the image, like this:

Or by editing the markdown for the image along these lines (this is what the option above does, it just does it for you):



Ah-may-zing! Thank you @zephyr1, you saved me a massive faff trying to get onto the pc and messing with them. :smiley:

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Great content mate.
20 niceness


This has been so helpful, thank you so much.

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