Troop farming


Are troop drops purely random or do the map colors impact them? I’m trying to farm up red troops but they just don’t drop for me and I am wondering if there is some way to improve my odds.


AFAIK random.

Also all roughly the same drop rate per run, per energy pencils out 8-7 may be better as a result.

Not enough runs to know for certain though.

15 PM


I typically run 13-6 and I have a boatload of green, blue and yellow. So that would lead me to believe it’s a flat rate per energy but the troop color may be impacted by the level. Nothing conclusive but that helps and i’ll do 5-8 for a bit to see if I get a bunch of reds.


I haven’t really paid attention, but I am pretty sure the color is random. Higher provinces probably give better heroes and troops though.

The reason I belive so, is because I farm 9-1 all the time, very rarely do I do other. It is all blue heroes. If that would indicated more or all blue troops, I would have loads of them and very few others. But that is not the case.


After v1.6, I know 8-7 is no longer the place to go for items…what about heroes and troops?


Probably still a 3 flag zone. As of this point I don’t think recruits / troops / hero drops were touched.


It seems random to me and I hate it. If I’m attacking all blue monsters I shud have higher chance of getting a blue troop as a reward … It doesn’t have to be 100% but the % chance shud significantly match colors. Otherwise we can’t farm troops to level up … This game will lose my loyalty if its remains too random.


Sure you can, you just farm for all 5 colors at once. :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously though, you will eventually need all troop colors so I really don’t see the issue here.


Since I’m the paying customer its an issue if I say so.


Its an opinion, not an issue.