Troop Development


There are a few questions I have regarding troops.

  1. Which ones to keep and which to use as feeders?
  2. How many of each star level do you keep?
  3. How do you decide which troops to use?

At some point I read on here to keep two 2* troops of each color for events. I have done this so I’ve been mainly using 1* and 2* troopers as feeders. But it’s been very slow going. Now I have a a couple of 4* and a few 3*, should I keep a few 3* and use any extra as feeders?

When you pick a troop for a hero, how do you determine which troop to give a hero? For example, I have Scarlett, since she is fragile but has strong tile damage should I give her a troop with more shield to protect her better or a troop with more attack to enhance her tile damage? Or am I completely off the mark and misunderstanding how troops work?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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I kept 5 2* and 5 3* each color for events, whatever type. I’ve kept all 4* so far. Before getting the first 4* of a color, I took up a 3* to lvl8, and saved the feeder troops afterwards. This is a way to quickly level the first 4*. Worked fine for me.

Some links u probly have handy would be helpful

This thread has a lot of really useful info about troops. I started it when I was a newbie last year:

Some quick answers:

  • keep a couple of 2* and 3* troops of each color, even as you progress on. These will be useful in competing in the monthly Challenge Events. Also, as you gain hero depth, you may want to bring 3, 4 or even 5 heroes of one color on a team, and some extra troops will really help.
  • long-term focus should be on 4* troops. These only come for the Epic Troop Summons.
  • among 3* troops, I strongly prefer the attack-heavy ones.
  • hang back on advancing 2* troops. You will get 3* troops fairly quickly.
  • ideally hand back on advancing 3* troops if you are in a financial position to buy some troop summons. Feeders are scarce.

Thank you for your responses. I’ll read the thread suggested.

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