Troop Deals

Has there ever been any offer on troops deals? Troop summons seem outrageously priced for what you get from them… nearly £20 for 10 3* and over and that barely even gets your troop up a level if you’re anything say 17+, most likely it won’t anyway as it’ll be a combination of colours

Have they ever reduced the summon cost on them?

Hopefully one day we see one if not or at least allow you to summon specific colours from them.

Passing thought anyhow

No, and the HA levels are horrendously slow too.

Aren’t there troop deals with weekly tournament offers, or is that just trainer heroes? Troops also pop up in goblin balloon, but they are indeed hard to come by. I have TA training 2-3* troops continuously and it’s a slow grind, but it’s progress. I think troops are one of the things high-paying players spend thousands of $$ on, so unlikely to change significantly.