Troop costs are too high

If we are being honest and fair to everyone, then why should any player who is at the level to be in a top 100 alliance but doesn’t have the troops to do so supposed to reasonably get there without spending thousands. You guys wanna keep your alliances full. We want the opportunity to take it to the next level, so what’s so wrong with asking E&P to give everyone equal opportunity at troops. I have 21 max emblemed 5* heroes and 31 5* maxed. But after all that I don’t wanna spend another $2500 to pull troops just to get the opportunity to be in a top 100 alliance. But I feel like I am good enough to be there. Help reduce troop cost guys. Let E&P know it’s ridiculous. They helped with emblems, so help us with troops, so we can keep this an equal opportunity game… please… let’s be fair. And also E&P your loosing$$$ not making it to where people want to max there troops so consider that E&P!!!


We can summon troop from ETT no need gems pull, and HA6 nonstop for leveling, and HA9 for retraining troops, if we do not have any desire troop setup.
I think with 2 years active player (example: @yelnats_24 purely F2P), it can be achieved troop level 30 without spending troop portal with gems, if we do not focus another 2nd, 3rd troop the same color.


the players who have level 30 troops (and spent the 2500 you are estimating) would be really pissed if tomorrow suddenly it was easy to max troops - so this is just not possible!
btw, my Mana-troops are level 23, one of each color


You can farm for feeder 1/2* troops and use your silver tokens to try for 1/2/3* troops.

I farm daily and usually get at least 5/6 1/2* feeder troops. Do this 30 days, you get 150/180 1/2* feeder troops per month.

Assuming all 1* troop, feed value 40 each, that works out to about 6000/7200 feed value per month. Over a few months, you should be able to get enough to go up a level each for each colour, or more, depending on how advanced your defence troops are.

I don’t chase avatars nor do I chase missions unless WE discounted and it happens to coincide with what I am farming for.


They changed emblems because it created an issue that further exacerbated the Tell/Vela issue. Emblems were too expensive to move and too hard to get to easily change your team lineup.

Troops don’t create that same issue, and in fact the high cost of troops helps (slightly) to reduce the impact of stacking.


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If everyone is going to be honest and fair, then all of us would have been in the top 100 alliances. Trust me, most of the players there get their troops maxed by spending thousands of dollars just to do so.

They do. They have family of alliances and they have a wait list of possible members waiting their chance to get to those alliances.

We have. It’s just that others are far richer and/or are willing to spend than most of us do. That’s the main reason why most of them have multiple maxed epic troops while us barely get their troops to level 23.

Then don’t. Compared to those whales in top alliances, 32 maxed legendaries are just cute. Triple that number and you may consider yourself to be at par with some of them.

If you find one willing alliance, good luck with your performance there. You can post a recruitment thread here seeking top 100 alliances willing to have you and your current roster of heroes and troops. One may be willing to give you a chance.

It’s not. A lot of F2Ps have maxed their troops even without spending a gem and even before the advent of Hero Academy. However, a lot of spending players will get pissed if all of a sudden, troop acquisition from the portal suddenly gets cheap when they have spent a considerable amount of sum just to get their troops to max level. SG certainly wouldn’t bite the hands that feed them.

It is an equal opportunity and fair game. You just need to loan money you don’t have just to buy troops from the portal. It’s the easiest and fastest way getting epic troops and their feeders. What’s not fair is for those whales to suddenly realize that maxing troops got a lot way cheaper oand easier just so because they implemented what you want.

Your logic is way off. If a player truly wants to max their troops, then they will have to summon for it, costing gems and real money in the process. To do otherwise, SG would be losing possible revenues.

But as @jinbatsu has pointed out, you don’t need to spend money and gems to level and max your main troops. Use Hero Academy, farm like crazy hoping to get troops as rewards while farming.

If you don’t want to grind, you’ll have to spend. If you don’t wanna spend, you have no other recourse but to grind.

Me? I don’t have maxed troops. I don’t spend a gem just to get them as I exclusively use only ETTs. I have at least 5 mana troops per element, at least 2 crit troops per element and several ninja troops except for yellow and blue. The highest I’ve got are at level 25 per element, with second up to the fifth liners all at a certain decent levels to serve in my mono approach in attacking. I don’t need maxed troops just to learn and optimize my heroes and their synergies. I don’t need cheap and easy to acquire troops since it would be unfair to spending players to invest on the portals just to max several epic troops in their possession. And I certainly don’t need to be in the top 100 alliance just for me to get a good gaming experience playing E&P.


I’m not asking for anything drastic a competitor mythwars made small trainer troop packs. I think many would enjoy the idea of trainer troops. A little boost to help. Many who maxed a set for defense probably wanna max a monocolor war team of each colors worth for war.

There are great alliances out there that hit 14* titans and are not in the top 100. You have to find them.

This ^^^. I did exactly this. That, plus being active on the forums, plus my performance in wars and in general earned me a spot in a top 100 when I had max level 13 troops and about 20 5s. I have grown a bit since then with about 35 5s and troops between level 17 and 19, but still technically lower than the requirements of most alliances. I only have 1 yellow mana troop. However, if you put yourself out there, you perform well, have a good attitude… you can might be able to score a break.

I have to date never spent on troops - pulling heroes yes, but troops no. I do want to get my troops to level 23 as I have too many average heroes that will benefit from it. As others have mentioned if you do put a focus on it then you can get them maxed within a couple of years as a FTP, and various players have done just that.

I have been pooling my ETTs for the ninja portal and am hoping to progress a fair way after tomorrow’s troop portal pull with more than 50 (in theory) netting me around 7 or 8 4* troops and the rest excellent feeders. That, plus training 3* heroes in HA is my strategy for ongoing progression in troops

I agree its a ridiculously hard slog to get there, but its one of the things I actually like about this game - the slog keeps you going whereas otherwise I would have lost interest a long time ago. And to be honest apart from the alliance requirement and apart from having some heroes that benefit from level 23 mana troops (going from 10 tiles to 9 tiles is pretty huge) - troops make the least difference in team performance in the game.



I have never spent any gems on troop pulls, nor have I bought any deal including ETT.

I have a rainbow set of mana 29 troops, but it has come at a cost to my second rainbow mana troops (all less than level 20). I also have the advantage of having played the game for a long time.

Yes, I do agree it takes ridiculously long to level troops. It is what it is.

I also second @Ultra’s suggestion to post a recruitment thread. Not all top 100 alliances have the same requirements.


Maybe you should invest your food and recruits in the hero academy to train troops. It’s a tactical decission and you can’t get all you want at the same time.

This is an option, sadly a costly one since it requires a lot of recruits, but also a number of 2* and 3* farmable ascension mats. And when you start burning through those to create feeder troops, they will run out pretty fast. If you are a F2P you just cannot keep up with farming unless you have been playing the game for a long time already and have a very large stockpile of these mats.

Wait a minute… 21 max emblemed 5* heroes? The way I understand it, you have 21 fully emblemed 5* heroes. You have that many legendaries fully emblemed? Of the 10 classes, you have at least 2 legendaries per class that are +20? Well, that is possible since I have several legendaries that are fully emblemed of the same class (GM & Kageburado, Uraeus & Mitsuko, Onatel & Alfrike, Telluria & Frida) That means one of the 10 classes, you have 4,500 of that emblem. I dunno if 4,500 is already possible, but WOW !! Good for you. Now these top alliances will be recruiting you in no time. Just make a self-recruitment thread and you are good to go there.

Unfortunately for him, those top alliances have a special line in their requirements which clearly states the level of troops they require.

While that may be true, we will definitely know if OP is going to create a recruitment thread. Maybe one of the guys up there will tuck him under their wings. Until that thread is created and his eventual recruitment (or not) to any of the top alliances is confirmed, we will have to wait and see.


As someone who has been in a few top 100 alliances, both the hero and troop requirements are just something that I am accustomed to. As the game has gone on longer, it is expected that requirements for certain top 100 alliances will also increase.

Anyway, now I am somewhat interested in what troops the OP has. :sweat_smile:

Maybe OP is referring with max emblem at node 18. I mean when I talk about max emblem heroes I’m also meaning something between 18-20 because some classes just will never see node 19 or 20. So for example I also have 3 “maxed” fighter heroes and currently working on my fourth. They are all at 18 if I wanted them on 20 I would need around 1k emblems more, but that will probably never happen.

Well, it is a MAYBE. But the way I understand it, MAX EMBLEMS means a hero at +20 or fully emblemed. It aint right calling a +18 or +19 as one with max emblem. I would call them highly emblemed, but definitely not max emblemed. Well, only the OP knows.

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It is very possible. I have 28 5-star heroes at +20, and if I shuffled a few emblems around I would have 30, 3 of each class.

No, it’s not. I promise you, it’s not possible. Unless there is a new update that I missed. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I hope you dig what I mean.

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