Troop Comparison & Summary! -- Including New Ninja Troops

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Thank you! Can’t figure out how this platform works lol

I have a other is question.If you use ninja troops will some hero’s even have a change to break true the let say statuseffect block specials.So thet let say hell with ninja troop still has a change to mana block a Hero even when protection from grazul statuseffect block special?

Definitely no. The bypass ability only applies to tiles of the color you equip the ninja troop.

Oke thanks for your reply

@Guvnor I think ranks 2 and 3 are reversed

Whoops, missed one in the re-arranged sorting. :stuck_out_tongue: if there are some other major change’s I’ll update the graphic :stuck_out_tongue:

Dunno if I can be bothered for that small one haha

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So the bypass doesn’t apply to special skill ? Example, Joon has a ninja troop. If he attacks an enemy with a defense buff Joon has no chance to bypass the buff. Only yellow tiles from Joon has a bypass chance. Is this right or does the bypass works on special skill AND tiles damage ?

Yes it will apply. Obove was a different question. Grazuls protect can’t be bypassed.

Yes it does.

It operates on the Ranger Talent style bypass.

See here a list / description of Buffs that can trigger the bypass ability:

(Click to enlarge)

I have a question, and I don’t know if it has already been asked : if I stack two ninja troop in a same colour, for example for two purple heroes in a same team, does their bypass bonus stack too ? I mean, if I use in a same team a purple troop with 5% bypass and another with 5%, do I obtain 10% with my tiles damages ?

The basic way troops work is this. Their attack/def/health is applied to the hero. But the crit and bypass only apply to the tile. Watch tile sin slow motion. You will see a tile transforms to a troop. SO whichever troop it transforms to is what you get, a chance to crit or not or bypass etc. So since a tile can not be two troops at the same time, the bypass from two troops would not combine.

Thanks a lot ! It’s clearer now.

to continue using two ninjas for the hope of bypass does increases the overall chance of bypass
Say both are at 5% bypass chance and you have 1 ninja and 1 crit troop. each tile has a 50% chance of being the ninja and then those 50% of the tiles have a 5% chance to bypass. But if both are ninjas at 5% then all tiles have a 5% chance to bypass since all tiles will become ninja troops.

SO technically more ninjas means more chances to bypass and when it does bypass the attack of every hero of that color is used in the damage calculation. But it does not increases the percentage of any given tile to bypass.

Hey govner, I have one set of mana troops to 19 and working my way to 23. So your thought is rather than going all the way to 30, start the next mana troop to 11. Cheers

That’s how I’ve done it so far :slight_smile:

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I’m putting all my feeders to one mana until level 23. After level 23, I’m putting 2* and 3* feeders to my primary to 29 and 1* to secondary. My largest is only level 28 so I’m not at 29 but my plan is only 3* feeders to 30 and rest to secondary troops.

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@Guvnor you mean to say that you only brings your mana troops to level 23… and then start on the next mana troop also to level 23?

This Ninja event I managed to get my hands on a heaps of Ninja Troops… the only color missing now being green. I can even make a team with mono red ninja troops.

Problem is leveling them up requires way too much feeder troops and food.

And now I am having problems / second thought on which troops to max to 30.

Originally I was planning to bring only mana troops for each color all the way to level 30 as those are the ones I’m bringing for my Defense Team… but with the appearances of Ninja now I’m not sure.

Should I just bring my mana troops to lvl 23 and stop there… and then just focus on Ninja? How did you guys manage your troops and leveling your own?

Personally I have stopped mine at L23, due to the exhorbitant cost to take them to L29 (and also comparatively smaller benefit).

A fast hero already charges at 8 tiles. Getting the Average to 9 tiles means that (more often than not) the Average & Fast heroes in my team charge at the same time.

My war teams I also tend to build around two premises:

  1. Having a cleanser on each team
  2. Having heroes who are all mana charging at same/ similar times… So for me, dropping a Fast down to 7 tiles doesn’t really yield much benefit if the supportnig heroes for that sniper are not yet ready (e.g. Lepus charging in 7 doesn’t have much benefit if I have to wait for King Arthur to charge at 9 anyways).

My personal strategy has been:

  • Mana to L17
  • Crit to L10
  • Mana #2 to L11
  • Mana #1 to L23
  • Mana #3 to L11

After that I plan to:

  • Ninja to L10
  • Mana #2 to L23
  • Mana #3 to L17 (slow break)
  • Mana #1 to L29 (maybe)

Regarding troops for defence, I also think that the difference between a L23 and L30 mana troop is fairly minor in the end. I don’t have any L30 troops but my defence team is one of the top 5 performers. The heroes make more of an impact than the troops do.



Thanks for the golden advice… gonna do it your way then because thinking about all this stuff related to troops already cause me a lot of headache. Been pondering for a long time on how to tackle this aspect of the game.

Thank you very much for your help. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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