Troop Academy

Hi E&P Players,

I have been playing the game for a couple of years now. I have many 4* troops of each colour and type, currently I am working on getting my mana troops to level 17 first before I move on.

The issue we all face at the higher end of troop leveling is that 1* and 2* troops are not viable to feed to 4* troops the ham required is just to high for the XP gained.

We now have the alchemy lab and soon the hero lab. Is there anything in the pipeline for an advanced barracks where we can combine our 1* and 2* troops to form 3* or a chance at 4* troops?

Cool idea.
Dang 20 characters needed. Bingo

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This is a great idea. Leveling troop is so painful. I am working on getting my first rainbow set of mana troops to level 21.

Between the amount of resources and having to color feed it is quite a process. Why can’t we off color feed like heros?

There also needs to be hero morphing for converting 3* into 4* heroes. Like after 8 gem visits to the epic hero summon, I have not one 4* hero to show for it. (The odds of being so unlucky that 8 visits gives you 8x 3* heroes is 8% BTW. Also, at one point I had 6x 3* troops, but they were all either purple or red. The odds of being that unlucky to not have at least 3 different colors of 3* troops is 2.56%. I see no reason to spend anymore money on this game if that’s how unlucky I am and if no there is mercy feature for the highly unlucky folks to convert 3* troops into epic summon coins or 4* troops. Maybe if there was a 74% chance of converting a 3* hero into 300 gems and a 26% chance of it turning into a daily summon coin that would be satisfactory to SG.)

Go look at the odds… Also have a gaze at some pulls on the forum, then tell me ONLY 8 draws is bad luck. LMAOOO be setting down

The hero academy is due to come out in further updates when Stronghold 25 is released.

You can off-color feed 4* and 5*. It’s those pesky 3* that are finicky chow hounds.

I am talking about troops as that is what this thread is about…

The question would be whether, if they do implement something like this, there is any actual savings in using it. Maybe it would be cheaper on ham to convert 1* and 2* to 3* to feed to your 4* troops, but I’m sure it would cost big time in gems.

You can’t off colour feed troops.

If it was to be food, iron and some of those unused items that stockpile would be great.

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I wish you could off feed.

Just a bump up again.

It would be great if we could combine all our 1* and 2* troops for the chance of a 3* or 4*.

The ham required to get above level 10 with low * troops is insane.

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Given that in AMA the developer said that hero conversion is in the final phases of Hero Academy, we don’t know what will be in the earlier levels.

I hope there will be some levels for troops like in this idea.

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