Trolls On The Loose

I have to start by saying I really enjoy reading this forum and the high level of debate and postings.

However there are one (or two) poster (s) who constantly want to dominate each thread and write endless postings to justify their exalted points of view.

A good example is this recent thread [We need 13* and 14* titans–unfair advantage for top alliances](We need 13* and 14* titans--unfair advantage for top alliances

When important contributors and long-term players like Anchor are driven off the forum by bullying and harassment then this is a sad state of affairs.

SGG really need to do something to curb these people and keep the forum thriving. If long-term players are not sharing their knowledge then we all suffer.

If you feel the same way please add your thoughts below. Hopefully I am not alone…


Any one has a clue of whom he/she is talking about?

Seems to complain about some board users, whose behavior isn’t much gentle :thinking:

So because 7DD got challenges in some of the things they say and their actions, the thread is full of trolls??..I see how it is…:roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

To be honest, i feel you are the troll here right now, and this topic don’t do any good for anyone. I try to explain myself better.

I think i like Anchor more as a person rather the a 7DD player and leader. His post are often really calm and insightful, and we can’t deny the contribute he gives to this forum in many ways.
That said, i feel that when someone of 7DD is calling out, his judgement is not that fair as before.
I may even understand it, still i do not weight his opinion in the same way i weight it for any other topic.

Now, i suspect that these so called “trolls” are the same that write and help this forum as much as Anchor do. In a different way, sure, but still starting a discussion and “take out” many different opinions is a way to help others grow and make their own opinions.
If they seems to you too much “aggressive” thats simply the way they are.

That said, why you are the troll now? Because you are spreading this “conflict” even more now with this thread.

I don’t think Anchor need someone to defend him. And i feel like if he feels to not post anymore in there it’s his own decision, and shouldn’t change as others want to approach him. It’s internet, deal with it.

But your post feel like whoever try to go against 7DD simply need to disappear or just shut up, otherwise they leave.
If people before feeling like 7DD had a special treatment, your topic increase that perception even if they don’t ask for it.

And in the other way it’s not cute calling people trolls, obviously.


This is just an old fashioned gang war, reminiscent of mafia wars in chicago :).
Elpis, considering how that other thread is doing I doubt this modest effort is creating a dent in the trolishness spirit going on.
Otherwise it is just a pity that so many helpful people are wasting time going at each other’s throat instead of continuing to be helpful


I have actually read through the whole thread on 13 and 14* star titans and I do agree with the OP that the trolling level at the moment is unacceptable.

I am completely in favour of removing people permanently from this forum for personal attacks. Someone might question this point of view as an attack on the right to free speech. That would be true, except this forum has a clearly defined SET OF RULES that should be followed by users at all times. We all agreed to follow them when we joined. If you don’t follow them repeatedly, you should be permanently removed (although no doubt that will be taken as SG trying to “silence” its critics).

As a side note, I feel like a lot of the people posting on the Titan thread would benefit a lot from being exposed to debating societies at universities or scientific meetings/conferences. They would learn there how to destroy your opponent with well and clearly formulated arguments backed by evidence and data instead of name calling, shaming and petty attempts at discrediting them. They would also learn that as soon as they resort to the latter tactics, they loose respect of everyone around them as it simply means their intellectual capabilities reached their limit and they have simply been beaten by their opponent in the debate.

Because of what happened in that thread (as well as the whole beta blow up earlier this month) I would like to wholeheartedly thank @Anchor and @Xero786 for their contributions to this community. I have watched a tone of both of your videos and improved massively as a player thanks to the advice from both of you. Please do not let a few frustrated, angry people push you away from this community or ruin your day.


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