Triumph of Grimnir is looking for titan slayers!

Triumph of Grimnir is looking for VERY ACTIVE titan slayers to join the new alliance of our Grimnir family. We are a friendly, fun, and chatty bunch. We are just starting so we are only slaying 1* and battling 2* titans. We need YOU to help us grow! Cups must be 200+ and prefer that you are at least at level 12 to participate in Alliance Wars

Communication via Line is a must as we frequently talk strategies, share tips, etc. We are one of 4 Grimnir alliances with our mother alliance Vengeance of Grimnir in the top 100. We participate in Alliance Wars. Join the family and learn and grow with us!

Message us on Line Chat @the1monie or @Datootfary with questions or to join.

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