Triton, Valeria or Aegir

Hi guys

The first topic I am posting!

I know there are a few topics comparing some of these heroes but I have all 3 and only four warm cloaks, so who would you given them to out of:

Aegir 2/20
Valeria 1/20
Triton 1/30

Started each of them in moments of confusion (clearly cannot decide who to prioritise)

At the moment I am using the following team except where I double up on a tank or Titan

Boldtusk maxed
Wu Maxed
Boril 4/35
Khiona 3/60
Elkanen 3/70

I kinda feel like Triton might be nice to increase the various heals I get, as I cannot seem to pull another four star healer



You have only BT for healing soo in my opininon Tritom

Elk is fail.
Back to the OP.
Go for Triton …

Boril is a better tank than Aegir and Bs too, so I would go for triton

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And don’t run 3 heroes of same color at once.
Waste of feeders and food

Thanks for the input everyone

@Jedon like I said, I had trouble deciding, I will want all three up at some stage (except nobody seems to like Valeria ) so not too hassled to have some investment in each

Valeria in some how is solid but not in your case of request.
Aegir on other hand is the worest HOTM ever been made.
So I’d just lead it to 2^60 and thats it
Will come better than a 3☆ for my last team in the war.
But not a 5☆ to think about when it cames to 3rd or 4th acending tier.
There are a better heroes in ice root to give them my telescopes.

Of those 3, I have Triton and Aegir.

When I got Aegir I already had Triton on his way up (and needed a sniper), so it wasn’t much of choice.

But, like any other hero lineup decision, it depends on what you need that hero for.

Triton is an EXCELLENT fast mana, hard hitting sniper, he is very powerful, and with Boldtusk and/or Wu’s power buff, you will not have a problem taking down enemy heroes in a raid (or monsters in a quest).

Aegir is what I call a semi-tank, he has very good stats, and he has helped keep Triton alive in some cases I have used him, like red titans; other than that he is kinda useless.

I do not have Valeira, but it looks like you need a high mana boost to take advantage of her cumulative special, since her initial damage is low (155% out of 609 power points) compared to Triton (335% out of 720 total power).

That said, I would go for Triton, unless you can level her up right away and use her to finish the event, her special will work great with the pumpkin tiles.

You need triton. Khiona buffs her flanks, so you lose that buff using boril. Feed Elk enough to get him tankier, put Khiona next with triton in corner.

This is all good advice, thanks everyone.

Triton it is!

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