Triton talent grid: mana or defense

So, on Triton there is a talent grid choice I haven’t seen before: increase defense by 3% or increase the speed of mana generation by 2%. Is one better than the other? Is 2% enough to make a difference? Could it w/ the right troops, etc? Thanks in advance for any advice.

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I took Triton the health/armor route all the way. I figured I use him more as a supplement hero to my healers, heal overtimes, etc. I need him alive. His attack is a bonus, but the main specialty of him is his 39% heal increase as it works with elemental links, basic heals, damage % heals, Heal over time. The mana boost to me wouldn’t be noticeable considering my highest mana troop is lvl 5 atm. I preferred the bonus armor, and you also get that bonus attack and bonus attack again next nod. If you go the armor/heath route all the way, you will pick up some attack in parts which is nice too.

Take a look at this thread, it answers the question of the practical effects of accelerating mana generation via the Talent Grid:

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Thank you both! And thanks so much for this spreadsheet @zephyr1. Wow-looks like I would still have a LONG way to go to level up my troops enough to have that 2% mana talent make a difference.

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