Triton or Grimm

Hi guy’s I just got Triton from Atlantis Gate and Grimm and now is hard to decide witch one I should level up to use in my team? At the moment my team is :

Wu tier 4/1
Skittlescull tier 3/43
Boss Wolf tier 2/43
Kiril tier 3/55
Scarlett tier 3/43

Grimm all day and every day :). The defense debuff is really helpful in all aspects of the game.


I am going to say Grimm for the same reason.

Although Triton should get a look shortly afterwards as he is solid as well.


Grimm is one of the best 4* heroes, him by far


Grimm and Kiril is a match made in heaven for all 4 facets of the game.


Ok then so I’ll start working on Grimm and sometimes on Triton as well
Tks guy’s for suggestions


Focus everything on getting Grimm as far as you can and work on Triton after.

Leveling 2 of 1 color at a time doesn’t do any good. It stunts your growth if anything. I learned that the hard way in the beginning. A bunch of partially leveled hero’s doesn’t do much.

Of course I ll do thats but I have to work on my red team because I have Scarlett on tier 3/40 and drive me crazy in every battle because she’s dies first from 1 or Max 2 hit’s and I want to replace her with Gormek and then i need more than anything a good green guy because I have Skittlescull on tier3/43 and she’s squishy and she dies second afther Scarlett

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Scarlet hits hard but is squishy. Gormek doesn’t hit hard but he lasts and like Grimm gives -def.

Knowing this now. If you are leveling Gormek finish him and finish Kiril for blue first.

Do you have any other healers besides Kiril currently?

What are your other options in green?

I just got Sabina and Melendor so they are not update because I focus myself on Kiril and BT as tier 2/5 now I need something very good in attack because I have 2 5* defence Aegir tier 2/40 and Boss wolf on tier 2/43

Work on Grimm/Kiril then any other blue 4* afterwards. Those 2 blues are part of your foundation for the game.

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Healers are always important.

Do you have any other 4* purple?

I would honestly wait on both 5* as they will take quite a bit of time and Materials that are difficult to get to get them maxed.

No I don’t have anything at all and I’ll put for you a print screen to se my roster and maybe you can give me good suggestion??

Oh, good, you’ve got lots to work with here.

  1. If you’re in an alliance, make sure you keep 30 heroes to take all six war flags. Even unleveled feeders can sometimes help.
  2. Use matched-color training to build a team quickly. Matched color not only raises specials faster, but gives a 20% bonus on experience.
  3. Purple: Get Boss Wolf to 2/60 then work on Sabina. I’m not a big fan of taking 5* past 1/1 unless you’re prepared to take the, intomfourth ascension, but because you’ve gotten this far, finish.
  4. Yellow: Li Xiu to 3/60 then Wu Kong to 4/70. Wu transforms Titan attacks and can win impossibly raids/war attacks. Danzaburo is a good next yellow with a small team after Li if nothing better comes along.
  5. Blue: Kiril to 3/60 then Grimm to 4/70. Then Kiril to 4/70, then Triton to 4/70.
  6. Green: Skittles to 3/60, then Melendor.
  7. Red: Scarlett to 3/60, then, Boldtusk, then Gormek. First blades to Boldtusk

Blue - Finish Kiril, then Grimm, then Sonya, leave Aegir for now
Green - Finish skittle, then Mel
Purple - Get Boss as high as you can, Chochin, then Sabina
Red - Finish Scarlet, then Gormek/BT
Yellow - Finish Li, then Wu

Skittle Kiril Li Boss Scarlet for a ineup possibly.

Li is a pain early on with her mana drain. Kiril’s buff will help her hit harder if you can time it.

I know I have louds of things to do but basically I’m new in the game only 2 months so I still have good team for moment but naturally not enough. I’m still learning and ask for advice. Tks and I’m Keep in mind what you tell me but in your opinion witch Hero’s are good to defence team and attack as well?m Tks

Forget defense. You lose little or nothing if you clean your watchtower. You should be all about attack.

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Too early to worry about defense imo. You’ll use the same team until you start to get some depth then switch them up.

As someone who has only BT as a levelled healer, Triton is a godsend. He buffs BTs heal enormously. He also works well with Aegir

But Ramming pulveriser is one of the best skills in the game. If I had him I would have gone Grimm first. As I don’t, I have a maxed Triton and am very happy with him

Also you might want to think about only training with matching colours if you aren’t now. You get 20% better experience levelling and higher chances to increase specials. It seems to take longer but it is much more efficient.

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I just got Grimm, and have Triton in the cue too. I already have Gormek and Tiburtus levelled up albeit not maxed. Love my ramming pulverizers. Not the way to build balanced teams, but think I’ll take Grimm before Triton too. I’ll be a ramming pulverizer of all colors. Bye bye titans - defence team optimizing just has to wait

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