Triton health increase buff not working [solved]

ive tried triton to raids, and normal pve and the health buff does not work… please help, this is the link to the video,

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You’ll have to up it to any video platform and share the link here.

What exactly didn’t work?


Just remember, that Triton‘s buff only increases healing that your heroes receive. So Triton himself doesn’t heal your heroes or boost HP in any way.

Maybe that’s already the answer to your issue. :slight_smile:


i know how it works. your reply doesnt answer my problem.

now i understand it. thanks

take a look at this

Works as intended.
500 usually from that pot and almost 700 with Tritons 40% buff.
I don’t see any issues there.
Is Tritons special @8/8?
Is he fully maxed?

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its 8/8… so u dont really see that others dont increase health after its first buff? do you see any 39% increase health received for 4 turns… you are seeing things the video does not show… here’ my raid vid for your satisfaction, i recorded couple of minutes ago,

Health will only increase if
a) a heal item will be used
b) a healer will be triggered
c) self heal will kick in
while his buff is active.

I still don’t get your point.

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its letter c. that doesnt work.

You don’t use any hero with the ability to heal themselves.

Greymane, Musashi, Elkanen, Owl for example do that.

please explain what this description means:

all allies receive 39% increase for any healing received for 4 turns

If!!! (and only then) any heal will be distributed to a hero with Tritons heart-buff, that amount(s) of health will be increased.

Triton itself doesn’t cure anyone without another item/hero that heals.


im good with your 2nd statement… thanks

so i need at least 2 healer for me to maximize triton

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That’s exactly what @Aquaginera_7DD told you in their first reply. :wink:

Yes, an additional healer in raids or some items that heal on the map or for quests.

i get it now. i dont usually use a character if its not fully leveled. just got this 3 days ago and when i observed other players who have triton, it always increase the allies health. i didnt know for sure if it requires another healer or pot to fully activate the buff

Fire Triton buff is added get your heal on with said healer you get extra health :+1:

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