Triton healing question?

Triton seems interesting, but I’m not understanding if his healing +39% is over time ( 4 turns) or is it every turn for 4 rounds? Can anyone clarify it for me please


Triton doesn’t heal you himself. What he actually does is boost any healing your party members get from other sources. I haven’t tried it to see if that includes potions as well as hero healers.


Yeah thats true and it’s of great benefit


Exactly. I like Triton a lot. Tried him together with Tarlak and like results. No need for second healer. First activate Tarlak and then Triton, extra boost for 3 turns.

If you use one time healers (Vivica, Rigard, Melendor etc.) then first activate Triton and then healer.


Triton works with potions


Thanks. Saves me the trouble of testing.

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Interesting, his special is essentially an upgraded version of the “healing bonus” some rare and epic troops have. Thats actually super cool. I would love to see more heroes with that effect in future. Its more appealing than having a second healer in some situations since healers don’t have secondary “attacking” special effects. (Not including the “healer” heroes that cause a set amount of HP to regenerate over time or the heroes that self-heal a certain percentage of damage dealt, of course.)

I have a problem with Triton’s special. If he aids in any healing effect with 39% healing. I can assume that Sabina that heals 42 % will be stacked up to 81%. It sounds logical and true, right?
Wrong. I have Fong and his health is 1130 at the moment. If I heal the team with Sabina with Triton’s special active, Fong only gets 700HP. And with a little math it is about 62 % of his health. He should be getting over 900 hp easily.

So my question is why does it not work properly on healers.
It works with potions accurately so why not healing specials from healers.

“39% healing received”. He adds 39% more health to the amount Sabina heals.

1130 * .42 = ~474 hp

474 * 1.39 = ~660 hp

Plus whatever troop health bonus you may have.

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Just like above, it’s not an addition, but an increase, meaning * not +.

So 42%*1,39=58,38%.
I’m guessing the difference in our calculations (you got 62%) is either Drake’s troops or some random modifier which might effect healing.

Does anyone know if Tritons healing boost applies to healing field aid in Alliance Wars?

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Haven’t tested it, but we do know that Perseus and Rama do reduce Healing Aid, so it would be logical that Triton buffs it.

Guys, any update if Triton buffs the healing aid in wars?


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