Triton healing buff

Pretty sure this ain’t working iv fired my healer then triton and vice verser.
The heal icon comes up but not getting the heal bonus!

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Any screenshots of the heal numbers? That would be helpful. :slight_smile:

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What do you expect his healing special to do?

Triton boosts the % of healing received. He’s not a heal over time or anything.

So if you fire triton then a healer (say Vivica) instead of getting 42% healing you get ~58% healing (0.42*1.39)

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Triton has to fire first for the healing bonus to apply.

Try firing Triton -> Kiril -> everyone else

Ok fired triton first

Ok just for clarity sake, Kiril heals 28%, with Triton boost that becomes 28 x 1.39 = 39%. Going by your screenshots I think it’s working correctly. Although it would have been nice if you provided the screenshot when the heal numbers pop up, it makes it easier to debug. :slight_smile:

Look at kiril health stays at 926
The healing isn’t coming up and screen shooting that is pretty hard :joy:

Does anyone else have triton to test this out?

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Ok let me test it out… I will try to make a video. :slight_smile:

So here, check out this video. First time I use Kiril without Triton buff and he heals himself for 355. Then I use him after Triton buff and he heals himself for 493.

So, the effective increase is 493÷355 = 1.39, that is 39%. So, it is working as intended. :slight_smile:


Just to say, I used triton and kiril too for epic.
I just did a run with him after seeing this, to see if he is working properly. The combo does.
Kiril without the Triton buff gave about 330 healing, and with the buff about 450 or close to that, so it definitely works for me.


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