Triton and Valeria Stack?

I was searching the forum and did not see anything about these 2 specials stacking. If Triton fires his special where all allies get +39% healing for any healing…Then Valeria hits a target and steals 46% of any healing… Does this mean she will steal 85%? Or does she steal the 46% from them, and gains an additional 39% off that?

I’ve never tested it but theoretically yes, as Triton’s special states ANY healing. I don’t think she would steal 85% of the healing but would get healed 85%.

I haven’t been able to test it because shes at 1-1, and I am deciding to max her since I have triton maxed already. This is a big factor.

Heh. I have Valeria maxed and Triton at 1-1.

How is she? Worth the capes? Where do you find her most useful, raids, wars, etc?

I would assume (have not tested, as I don’t have Triton), that it would work like this:

Say Valeria’s target is healed for 100 (to make the math easy). If she gets 46%, then she would heal 46 in that circumstance.

If affected by +39% healing from Triton, I assume it would be that 46hp value x 1.39 (for the +39% healing), and she would heal 63.94hp… not sure if it’d round up to 64 or truncate to 63. But I believe that would be the amount.

If anyone has tested this, that’d be cool to see for sure. :slight_smile:


I had a lot of capes so not really a matter of materials, just wanted another blue 4*. I use her in events that have healers and wars, she’s very useful if field aid is the bonus for the war. Also good vs teams with multiple healers.

I don’t raid with her or use for titans because I have better blues for that.

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I have Valeria, but haven’t ascended her past 2nd rank yet, as I got Grimm, Sonya, and now Capt. of Diamonds so she keeps getting pushed down to lower priority to level up.

Isn’t her damage pretty weak, overall? It looks like she’s potentially pretty tough, but doesn’t hit hard at all.

I’m not really using her to deal damage, moreso to prevent a tank/whoever from healing. Very fast mana + big DOT boost if double casted on same hero can deal hefty damage though.

The latter. Tritons heal boost is a % of the health gained.

Triton is mainly high attack at fast mana, his heal boost is pretty negligible especially if you pair with kiril who also gives attack buff.

Have to fire Triton first to gain the heal boost but then he does not get the attack buff from kiril so even more of a wash.

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