Triton and Aegir

Why the special skill of Triton does not work on the special skill of Aegir?

Are you certain? I thought I’ve seen video where this does work. Triton should amplify the HP gained when someone with the Aegir buff does normal damage (e.g. tile damage on offense). What are you seeing instead?

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here you can see that Zilayn got back xp under a special attack of Aegir and a special attack of Triton! if you count, you can conclude that Zilayn did not receive additional xp from Triton’s special skills! (269 × 0.92 = 247), as we see in the screenshot this has returned, and with the special skills of the Triton it should still increase + 25% xp!

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@petri would you please flag this issue to the dev team? Triton should bump all sources of healing.

Does triton work on ares? That’s my current goal!

is it a bug? and will it be fixed?

I’m just a player like you. We need a staff reply.

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Requesting @Sara and @EmpiresPuzzles

We are currently investigating this issue but have unfortunately not been able to reproduce it. If you have any additional information, please create a support ticket and refer to this thread.

@Sara I don’t understand what additional information you need? You have the opportunity to test these heroes in a bundle, you have a team of testers and they have the opportunity to check it! I don’t think that you need more information from the players!

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with a support ticket they will see your specific account information and can look back through the logs to see damages and healing calculations to help see not only the issue but the underlying cause. They cannot see that just from your screenshots or trying to guess your in-game account identifier from your forum name.

So whatever level your Aegir’s special is at is 92% of damage returned? If so, and Triton is at +25%, the 260 should be 325 back.

but as practice shows, the special skill of Triton does not affect the special skill of Aegir

developers team have access to all the heroes, a team of testers can easily take these heroes and test, why should I do something ??

Because they asked for help in troubleshooting this for crying out loud.


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I understand this, but I don’t understand how information on my account will help in this? If you are aware of a bug / problem, and there are methods and possibilities to eliminate ith bugs / problems, then why do they need information about the account?

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Jesus - did you even read sara’s post?? They tried reproducing it and weren’t able to see it. which means the only place they can see any evidence is the logs for your particular incident. This is not some crazy SGG thing, this is how software troubleshooting works - best is if you have logs from your end, but we can’t do that on mobile devices so if devs can’t reproduce the behavior, next best is to check the server logs, which requires you to give them specific information like your account etc that is best handled through a trouble ticket not a public forum post.

This is exactly how other software companies handle one off bugs.

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lol because they don’t outsource their testing to paid testers. Paid testers would be held responsible to catch these sort of things. Free testers test what they think will effect their in game account. you can look at beta videos or screenshots to tell that. pretty biased testing method from what I’ve seen. Free testers can’t be held accountable for missing mistakes because they are “volunteers doing their part to help the community”

not trying to bash beta testers. but it is what it is.

I’d test it in Beta, but don’t have Triton at the moment. Not sure I have Aegir either.

Oh, and that screenshot from @AndreyArtygin is enough.

Seriously? it means you didn’t play word of tanks blitz, it was enough there that 1) they were given a video of a bug or a screenshot, and then they did everything themselves without affecting anyone’s accounts! therefore, it became interesting to me how developers cannot reproduce this or that bug? Do the developers have no access to the heroes? if not, how did they reproduce this bug?

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