Triton and Aegir healing all team?m

I have a question about Triton because I just get it from gate 2 day’s ago. Now he works as healer when Triton is active his special with Aegir healing all team or not really?m

Not really. Triton’s special, while active, boosts healing of all healing skills and potions, but it alone doesn’t heal.

So I need a healer as well in the team to work properly?

It also works on Aegir, but only on him, his 2 flanks and only if they’ll use a slash on defense or if you’ll do a match of tiles of their color on offense.

If you want to improve aegirs heals, use any other healer

Yes. Triton boosts healing effects but does not himself heal. Half of his special is wasted unless he is paired with one or two healers.

Hint: on defense, place him to the left of the healer, so his effect will fire first if both are ready on the same turn.

Tks guy’s so I’m going to work on him to bring him on track

wonder if Triton works with Elemental links… if so then Aegir + Triton and lets say Grim… then I could see that possibly being a EXTREMELY annoying combo. I have had Khiona’s spirit link save me a few times with Victor.

I have tried to make a fight with Aegir and Triton and no work so have to be a healer to work properly unfortunately

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