Triton/Aeron heal not working

Aeron’s heal is not increased when Triton’s special buff is active. I tested Triton along with multiple other healers (Boldtusk, Sonya, Melandor, Kiril, Alberich ) and it is only Aerons that seems to be problematic.

I just tested them together and verified that, at least on my account, Triton is correctly boosting Aeron’s heal. Can you upload video of the problem you’re seeing, by chance? Or perhaps some screenshots showing Aeron’s heal with and without Triton’s buff active?

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Did you click Aeron first?

His shield blocks pretty much everything - he’s a special kind of stubborn

Think Triton would need to go first

So it now seems to be working. The only explanation I can think of is I downloaded the latest update just a bit ago, and perhaps it ironed out the bug. When I first noticed it, I had a friend test it and they confirmed it was not working.

I also tried firing Triton first and then Aeron first and it seems to work either way, but that was a good suggestion so thank you.

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His shield only blocks negative status ailments. If it blocked more than that, he’d be immune to his own HOT.

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