Trials of Strength - first impressions

Level 29.6666666 here. Did the first two with full 3* team. Only had to use a couple axes on the last level to clear the bosses. I don’t have 4* to use in these classes…yet!

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I was lucky with my available heroes and had a reasonable cakewalk, not needing items. BT, Magni, GM, Delilah, Grimm, all maxed. I’d have been better off tactically if I’d had the sense to take antidotes though. As it was I had to concentrate on wiping Azlar first at the end of the final stage and got a bit knocked about by Elena’s riposte before I could nail her too.

So after reading here that many people beat the stages with teams really below the advertised power, I went ahead and tried the middle stage with my alt account’s team of less than 2400 and no healer, only 3* (but all maxed at least). Was able to beat it without too much trouble, using a couple items but nothing more than the cheap antidotes, mana potions and some arrows and axes. Wouldn’t have thought that was possible with an 1100 TP deficit, and I hadn’t planned on even trying it before. So I’m glad people shared their experience here. :slight_smile:

I didn’t think that was a bad effort, but that’s nothing compared to @AdrianW2008’s success with a 1800 team… now that is really impressive, I think. Well done! :crossed_swords:

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I managed it with a 2990 team of maxed BT, Gormek, LJ, Valen and Azar. Only used a couple axes. But this will be one of my stronger teams. Can’t wait for shadows…Guess Sabina gets a crash leveling course.

Monks and clerics have been very common as warriors and generals until almost 1900s.

No no! I didn’t beat it with an 1800 team. Only easy and medium. I didn’t even try to play the final stage.

Yes I meant medium, that’s still 3500 recommended TP, almost twice your actual TP… that’s what I beat with my 2400 team, medium.

Edit: with that account I’m not yet at level 30, so couldn’t try hard yet if I wanted to…

@ChoppedLiver thanks for clarifying. I’ve managed to overachieve on a few occasions:

  1. Return to Morolvia I Beat Morlovia with Team Power 2798!

  2. Season 1, 23-11 (Dark Lord) with no 5* and no yellow No 5-Stars? No Problem!

  3. Santa Advanced with no 5*

The main point of my comment was that despite being at level 34 with a Defense TP of 3426, the strongest eligible team I have for Trials of Strength is in the 1800’s.

I might need to take some lessons from you… I usually do ok, but mostly because I have a decent enough bench, not because I’m that great a player… I don’t think quests are my strongest area.

It’s quite a drop to have to go from a 3400 team to a 1800 team for this quest… but I’m still much more impressed by the fact that you managed to pull off a 3500 stage with an 1800 team, even if the 3500 is a bit of an exaggerated number.

@ChoppedLiver my line ID is adrianw2008 if you’d like to compare notes.

:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::sweat_smile: made me laugh so much. fire truck…

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Completed the hard on second attempt using L.J 3/56, Colen 3/60, Hu 3/60, Grimm 3/60 and Oberon 3/23. TP 2825, not without minor h portions, potent h portions, super antidotes and bombs.


how uch hp do the boss have on the final stage ?

My TP is only 2680 with:
Gormek maxed
colen 3/60
and 3 3stars maxed ( rudolph, valen and rendfeld)

Im planing to use 5bombs+ axes and mana pots

This is the first trial so far that I’ve been able to beat the third stage. My teams for the other trials struggled so much with the second stage (completed, but barely) that I didn’t even bother trying the third stage - except the very first time. :slight_smile:

This time, I finished all three with the following team:
4.70+2 Colen
4.61 Boldtusk
3.20 Colen
3.60 Grimm
3.14 Little John

The last fight (three bosses), I used a full stack of axes and a few bombs (not the full stack) and managed to finish them off with specials and a couple dragons/diamonds.

It was fun, and I was glad to finally be able to complete the final stage of a trial. :slight_smile:

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I finished todays trial in 10 minutes
Using this team only and non of battle items at all

Easy like taking candy from dead corps.

Go with
5 dragon attacks
5 bombs
5 axes
10 meduim hp pots
Try to reach bosses with full team and use the items on them they will die

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Azlar, Elena and Nashgar. They all are worth 3907 HP (more than 3763 I did notice in several other trials like paladin/monk or rogue/sorcerer).

I dont have dragon attacks unfortunately :frowning:
would be hard to do enough damage by tiles and specials

Managed to finish the 3rd level just now with a sub-3k team. Used 2 or 3 time stops (this was the clincher), 2 bombs, 2 dragon banners, and a stack of 225 pots. Azar, Azlar 3/20, Colen 3/60, Grimm+3, and Hu Tao 3/15. Their Azlar was the only special that went off, and I finished them off within 1-2 turns after that.

No battle items needed…but it is one of my better teams for trials, not just the individual heroes, but the synergy.


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