Trials of Strength - first impressions


Agreed. I threw an axe in fear when I saw Elena AND Azlar among the final bosses, but that might not have even been needed.

My team was 3600, Obakan 3/70, Alzar could have been swapped for Colen and likely wouldn’t have been much of an issue.

Edit: Possibly the biggest thing is to make sure everyone’s fully charged by the boss level. You’re not on a timer so if you waste a little bit on the 4th wave right before, it doesn’t matter much.


kiril is a fantastic war hero - tanky healer with decent attack stat for 4 star and double buff. i have 2 on both my accounts max and love him.


I thought it was awesome. Can’t wait to see how this all plays out. I did have a few in my alliance that didn’t have the hero’s to finish the first level. Only had two hero’s leveled and the rest sitting at 1-1. Feel bad for them but now they need to strategize a little better when it comes to leveling hero’s. I’ve been preaching this since wars started. Maybe they will listen now. Lol


Thé final stage is more around 3400 difficulty then 4000 hats for sure. Similar to the last stage of ascension quests


Have to say that not every last stage of every class quest feels the same way.

Just an example: monk quests you pretty much fight yellows foes with yellow heroes (so, using the weak color)
Then sometimes you can have to fight riposte guys without dispellers (aka, suiced).
Then there are bosses that sinergy well togheter in some quests.

Don’t let one easy fight make you low your guard.
Be always prepared for the worst.


1 level more wait my WE :thinking:
Final level 4000k :smirk: my team only 3000k

:superhero: Memento Heroes Classes and Quests

But i like it :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


I’ll be interested to see how it goes for you with a 3k team.


I will let you know if I have collected WE :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


So the revive skill was like Ameona Ghost Transform :thinking:


3 heroes were killed roasted by lions hahahaha … :joy:
Battle item used bomb and small red bottle :pensive:
Dont have healer :tired_face:


Can you help me???

I want to ask after the trial strength is finished, then what trial will come out? :kissing_closed_eyes::kissing_closed_eyes:


I decided to focus on Scarlett instead of colen so I bet the last level is gonna be a major grind for me, if I can even complete it :’(

Any battle item tips for a 3k team?


Red bottle small, blue bottle small, bomb, dragon


Dead heroes and items used aside, nice job making it through!


Guys, what is the order of quest? I want to prepare heroes for the next quest …


Thanx bro. I try my best
which made me difficult I didn’t have a healer, but carrying 3 reds was very fun at the level of mobs


Hmm… i think trial survival ( rogue and barbarian) :thinking:
Oh man… i’m death i don’t have rogue heroes :joy::joy:


Do you think it’s possible to make it with 2 maxed 4*'s and 3 maxed 3*'s ?

The set up would be L.J, Colen, Valen, Azar and Oberon. sigh


thanks, I think so too