Trials of Strength. Did not receive emblems

I played the first two trials of strength and did not receive any emblems. Played the third trial later in the day and did get the final 8 emblems of each.

Can you double check your Recent Activity by going to the Options icon then Support tab, then Recent Activity? You can verify rewards there.


Check in last activity, there is everything what you get

Can you please explain your screenshots and how they interlink with each other?

The second screenshot looks like it was from after completing the first two stages of the trials and the third one looks like its from after completing the third stage?

Third stage = +8 emblems in each class

You have gotten +8 Barbarian emblems (:white_check_mark:) and +10 Fighter emblems.

The +10 fighter is probably because you got +2 emblems from a chest or mystic vision too…

As above, your Recent Activity Log I suspect will show that you (probably) got the emblems from all three stages of the class trials… You can access the recent activity log by going:
Menu -> Support Tab -> Recent Activity

Then just scroll to find the various battles.

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