Trials of Mysticism final level boss health

Hey everyone. Im trying to work out which battle items I want to bring for the last level. Whether i want to just massively bomb them with all offensive items or mix in some stall and healing options depends on their health.

If anyone hasn’t played the last level yet, when you do can you note the boss heroes’ health for me?

if I recall they are all about 4050.

I used some bombs, axes, medium health pots.

I have come to realize these are difficult. I didn’t have much to choose from for this one or the one before. It adds a nice twist to the grind imo.


I had the luck of having a couple mana control heroes for this quest. I used Time Stops, Mana Pots, Revives, and Dragon attacks and did just fine. I opted for mana and revived vs more damage items because I knew it would be a grind.

I did it with Natalya (3/70), Victor (3/16), Isarnia (max), Proteus (max), Kiril (max)

Wasn’t easy in the last stage but I got it done using a few items as mention above.

I didn’t have a lot to choose from for this one (Nor the last one).

Looks like this is correct

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Thanks, I did it this morning (Portugal time) and couldn’t recall exactly.

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