Trials of Fortitude....HANSEL

Hansel’s special is not working properly and cause me to lose TWICE…I used 75 gems to continue and his special continued missing…I need to be reimbursed for those gems and this needs to be fixed immediately

For the bug report, can you give more detail (and ideally screenshots) on what happened?

As for reimbursement of gems, no one on the Forum addresses player-specific issues, including the Staff. You’ll need to contact Support and see if they’ll do anything about that for you:


No problem, good luck with Support!

And if you can add more info about the bug, I’m sure it’ll be helpful for getting it fixed, or understanding what’s happening. :slight_smile:

Either way, feel free to update this when you hear back from them with what the resolution is. (Just don’t post copies of the emails, since that’s not allowed.)

The Trials of Fortitude have Clerics - whose talents allow them to resist special effects that have negative mana effects.
So your Hansel is probably working fine, but is being countered by cleric talents.


You are indeed right…had no idea Vivica was cleric…her resistance to mana was ridiculously high…that was not a good battle


@zephyr1 - this actually isn’t a bug, or it is solved…

Marked as Solved, thanks. :slight_smile:

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My Hansel was working as normal, not a single problem.

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