Trial quests and the switch of the hero class by equipping costumes

Since this is my very first post in this forum, I want to take a second to say a lovely “Hi” to all people out there. This seems to be a great community and I am happy to be part of it now :slight_smile:

I actually searched for respective topics but could not find any, so feel free to redirect me, if this topic was already brought to attention in the past! My question concerns the class of costumed S1 heroes during the auto-select process of the heroes for the trial quests (the automatic suggestion of a suitable roster, just after we click on the first stage). As far as I have noticed, the suggestion done by the system only involves the current class of the hero, independent of the fact, that there could be more heroes available when certain costumes are equipped/unequipped.

I find it a little tiring to check every S1 hero for the change in class when equipping/unequipping costumes, to see if I can use it in the trial quest this way (often 3* heroes are suggested by the system while heroes of higher ranking would also be available through costume change). At the moment I have 3 costumed 4* heroes, so this is still okay but once they get more and more (whenever this might be) I will not be able to remember which hero changes to which class. Then it gets even more tiring to crawl through them by myself.

My question is therefore if it would be possible to consider hero costumes and their respective change of the hero class in the auto-select process? This would be very helpful and time-saving. If this is already realized in a kind of way I don’t see, I would be happy to read more about it. Maybe there is a pattern I haven’t discovered yet!?

Thank you and many greetings!

If you look at the team building page, it will indicate that a costume is permitted when scrolling through your heroes. No need to manually switch back and forth.

Does that help?

Related note: it also auto sorts to put all not allowed heroes at the bottom:


Oh, and welcome to the forum! :smiley:


Aaah! :star_struck:

I have indeed completely overseen this hint when scrolling through the heroes. Cool. That was exactly what I was looking for. Sometimes the solution is directly in front of the eyes without being discovered :sweat_smile:

Anyway thanks for enlightening me!



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