Trial of Piety

4100 hp on bosses (Boril, Fat Frair, Joon) so don’t bring too many healers. Joon can one hit kill most 4*. He did 1100+ damage on my 3/x joon (no debuff) and 900+ on my wu (with bomb’s debuff on him). Normal boss hits seem to do around 400ish damage.

I took a decent team and used all my minor heal pots and 1 bomb which I didn’t really need. I’d probably take turtle banner next time (uses more common ingredients) and can still prevent ohko.


I used Rana, Tarlak, Joon, Santa 3/70, and Vivica. Used a mana potion (for Vivica) and 6 minor healing on the last round as Rana seemed to be the exclusive target of everything they could throw at me. I doubt I’d have needed them if their aiming had been more evenly distributed.
I took Boril down first as the riposte was annoying without a dispeller, then Joon and finally Tuck.

Easiest trial for me


i only have rigard (max), li xiu (max), hansel (max), bane (max), wilbur (tier 2) lvl 20+, am i able to clear final stage?

If you can get there alive, which should be fine with Rigard and Wilbur and maybe a couple red pots, 5x bombs axes dragons wipes them out completely. Wilbur plus a bit of tile dmg plus your appropriate specials will save you an item or two. Its not hard.

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Take bombs, axes, small and medium mana potions. You’ll get enough health from the heroes. Wilbur is the key, so keep his buffs always during boss fight.

Glad to have reached lvl30 yesterday.

Here are my ‘questrians’ :

I also have Agwe, but sadly unleveled. He’ll be next to get blue feeders…

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i managed to clear final stage but barely as getting rid of boril then joon then friar was really a pain. used minor healing potions, minor mana potions, bombs & tornado (bombs all gone, tornado left 1 or 2)

This was the easiest trial for me so far…

Wu Kong, Joon, Mother North, Wilbur, Hansel (only Wu maxed, but all of them above 40 in the 4th ascension).

In my case, I preferred to kill Joon first not allowing him to cast with Hansel, then Friar Tuck (basically because he had already received more damage for flanking Joon), and finally Boril.

Didn’t use a single item. Wasn’t even tempted to use a single life pot… Wu under 500 health was the lowest I can recall. Boril and Friar Tuck’s specials don’t hit, so I guess that was hit…

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Easy trial…just long boring fight…team was hansel, vivica, Boril, gafar and li xiu

Finished :

Mnesseus 3x27 and Boril 3x60 , others are maxed .

It tooked a very long time to beat Friar Tuck , the last ennemi standing , so I got to revive Wu Kong and even with him, it was too long :grin:

But it’s done , maybe next time I will take an other strategy .

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Did it first try :sunglasses:

Boril, Tuck and Joon in trouble. The green inferno comes, dudes…

Used nearly all my items…
Wilbur was the key as he spreads damage. Moms minions ‘cliquered’ to lower their healthbars. Just one axe to terminate the keepers of the beloved emblems…

TP 2933, just reached lvl 30 yesterday.

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This one is not for me… definitely my worst two classes… I can only line-up a monochrome yellow with only Li as a 4*… Only cleric I got is Kailani…


It was one of the easiest for me too. But it also made me realize the incredibly awesome synergy of Tarlak and Wilbur. Firing them together, I didn’t even need to use battle items for the final bosses.

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I’m fairly new to the game and only have 3* heroes, with very few 4* yet. I have next-to-no event or Atlantis heroes.

This feels like extraordinarily terrible game design.

Seriously, everything in the Monk class is holy and all clerics are healers, and you put us up against a +defense holy healer? The fight is fairly easy, sure, it’s also the most painfully slow, boring experience that I have ever had in E&P.

So dumb. Monk class needs some serious rebalancing. I’m amazed this made it past beta.

Just when I thought I couldn’t possibly like the Fire Truck any less


But boy was it satisfying bombing him to bits.

His effect resist is pretty annoying though

That wasn’t as easy as what others here have said.

I replaced the second set of health pots below with turtle banners


Yes you should be able to clear the final stage of Trials. Make just to bring heal/Mana pots and axes/bomb/dragon attacks just in case.

For me it was

Mother North vs ‘Mother Tuck(er)’

:angel: :innocent:


Used 2 of the medium sized healing potions and 3 time stops.

Edit : and 5 bomb attacks. Forgot about those :slight_smile:

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Lucky you. I don’t even have Hawkmoon, yet alone a FULL TEAM! :joy::joy::rofl:


Try it, maybe the bosses are glad to ghost some tiles beside you :partying_face: