Trial of Piety - bug or crazy Tuck

Hey there!

I’m writing this because I’m a rather new player (max 105 days playing) and I need to understand the game better. I read a lot, but nevertheless, some questions cannot be answered.

Yesterday I played the last level in the Trial of Piety with this team:

I know it is not as strong as recommended, but I decided to give it a try. I got to the boss level with all my heroes and died before Friar Tuck was dead. For the first time I paid 75 diamonds to continue because I hated I had to wait for so long to get the energy and really wanted the emblems.

Mnesseus was dead and I was left with only one hero that could attack, Li Xiu. I played it for 2 hours and then I had to flee because I could not continue any longer. Friar Tuck was basically intact and so was my team.

What shocked me was that the damage I was doing with my tiles was below 12, mostly below 10. Is that normal?

I am soooo frustrated…

Thanks for clarifying this for me!

Yeah, I’ve been there… I lost this one also, because Friar Tuck was regenerating mana like crazy and I didn’t have good hitters, so that I could kill him with their specials… I couldn’t kill him with tiles only. Well, I know that I need more heroes to finish emblems quests. Those I took weren’t the best and I think that taking 3+2 teams is better than rainbow team, but again, I don’t have many heroes of one colour and class. We need to max more heroes. :slight_smile:

I know what you mean, but again, I did not lose. I fled after 2 hours of non stop playing. My heroes had full health, but so did Tuck… that is what is bothering me.

U definitely lack of firepower heroes.

Even bring some 5* sniper also requires some efforts and attacking tools (bomb dragon axe).

If last stage of any trials have healer (vivica, tuck) u need to carpet bomb. And defintely need snipers.

Ur heroes isn’t strong enough at this time. But u will get stronger eventually.

Last stage of any trials usually need at least 4* heroes. As long as u bring 3* thats mean u are not really ready yet to face the stage

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I can also reach this conclusion, but what was annoying was that the damage done with the tiles was less than I have ever done. Is it normal to have a damage of maximum 12? Several times almost all the tiles fit together and almost no effect on Tuck. I wish I had recorded it…

It’s because their defence is high relative to your attack. If you have enough heroes in the class you could stack colours to boost the overall attack value used for calculating the tile attack which will help but not everyone will have a big enough roster to do this effectively for the trials… the healer bosses are especially annoying.

Suggest taking a look at the damage calculation thread which will explain the tile damage and how to get higher numbers (although we don’t actually know the REAL Def of map stage bosses, from the fact you were only doing 12 it will be higher than your attack stats). Good luck!

This is the classic survival vs burst damage dilemma

On one hand you want heroes like healers that let you survive

On the other you want heroes that can kill or damage

Too many healers and you will be stuck in the level forever

Too many damage heroes and you might not survive

Typically 1 healer and 4 attackers is a good idea, including a defence dropper

In your case neither Mnesseus Boril or Li Xiu are known for their attacking prowess. Another way to cheat is to carpet bomb everything with items.

Good luck for next time, I went through that phase, too, early on in the day, and nearly quit the game.

In hindsight I should have just quit lol but I came back for more.

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I’ve had this with Vivica before too…it’s annoying when it happens

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