Trem Tran - beat 8* and start beating 9* with us

We are a fun, flexible alliance with few rules:

  1. 1000 cups to protect newbies from leaving when they get smoked in one hit
  2. Miss two and risk getting kicked - if you let us know you are fine

We are fun, Line is optional (about 1/3 of us on it), and we aren’t that serious either.

@redeye as I know you are looking

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Still looking for one - join us and kick some butt when alliance wars comes to visit.

Looking for TWO - can make room for up to 5. We are coming off of a great AW victory and looking for folks to ensure we keep the streak alive.

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Come on people, come join us! Ask any questions if you have concerns.

We have three open slots - come and join us as we continue to have success on titans (first string of 2 8* in a row) and and Wars.

As an update - if my alliance mates see this my phone bricked, and of course my dual factor authentication to get back into my account is well, my phone. So…I’m currently SOL but hope to be back today.

Good luck with the titans and with AW - hope to be back to contribute to both!

Looking for 4 players. 1000 cups preferred but not essential. All that is we would ask, be active and progress… simple as that. We all try to help each other and work well as a unit. So please join if you want to beat 7* and 8* titans as well as win a fair amount of wars.

We are having tougher luck in wars recently because we are shorthanded - come help balance us out. We did just beat a loaded team of 30 despite being shorthanded.

Trem Tran… looking for 2 active players to take on 7&8* titans and take part in AW’s.

We’ve had a recent influx of new folks who are very happy with their decision to join. Come pop in and ask them if you are interested in seeing what we are all about.

[#ff48c9] since ive joined last summer mt team have grown tremdously. To top it off tips are given if you want higher scores in titan battles. Im totally enjoying TremTran alliance

Just had one slot open up - lost one to frustration with the game. Actually kept him for a while after he was going to leave but alas, ironically, when he got a hidden blade from an AW loss he just was fed up with RNG, lol.

We’re super helpful, engaged, overall casual but we just expect you to hit titans and in wars. Line is optional.

I’m the mad Irish man of Trem Tran alliance, I like to have a laugh and I am rather random, we hammer 8* and beat a fair share of 9*, we work well together in alliance wars and we aim to have fun! So if there is one person looking for a new home then please check us out, we have Line app also though that optional not obliged. We are looking for a daily active player, trophies/team power not so important, as active players grow, and growing players are more fun and useful. Come on and have look, give me abuse if you wish :slight_smile:

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