Treasure number signifance

What does the treasure number signify??

You can see that it says 39 but I didn’t get 39 rewards so what does it mean??


Should be items plus recruits. But yeah, doesn’t quite add up… off by one


Maybe item stars plus recruits

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That’s what I always thought it was supposed to be but here in @Pops case, only getting 35 recruits and 3 items. Loot chest number is showing 39 though.

We saw this same behaviour on a few different quests maybe a month or two ago. Either it’s a bug or the calculation is not what we think it is.


But the Crystal Shard have 2 stars, so 35+1+2+1 = 39

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I never considered the calculation may include the * rating of items, nice catch. I’ll verify while farming later on.

It has nothing to do with stars based on testing I just did. They also all added up perfectly - recruits + items. This was on 8-7.

If I recall, in the quests, the additional item was believed to be ‘experience’ or something like that.


This is probably it, bonus experience assuming it isn’t some bug.

I did a lot of tracking of drops and 100% of the time on normal map zones it was items + recruits every single time and to my knowledge they haven’t changed this.

The 39th is probably the missing troop coin.

The quest display the same number, having or not having it.


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([Bug] Mine Iron quest loot or Small Treasure Chest from level completion)

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