Treasure maps

So my alliance was talking this morning about tokens 1 token per alliance titan kill and were being very reasonable 10 per 3 star items that you need/are missing and 15 per 4 star ascension item that way you can see a potential end in sight of getting what exactly you need, but since I am a bit crazy I decided to take it to the extreme. Each titan kill would guarantee one map piece with a POSSIBILITY for more (one is guaranteed) you turn in 150 pieces of the map to get the exact 3* item you need 200 pieces for a 4* item that you need 100 pieces for completely random price. (Thinking that the turn in map peices could be in the store) okay so you turn in the map peices for a treasure map. The map tells you to go to providence 10- 5 (would be a random province or not could be x items is always there) once you complete it you get the item. Still would take forever to level up your heroes, still have random ascension items drop, but gives people an end in sight for that one item they are missing, and adds a little extra into the game…

Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations.


An interesting idea, somewhat like shards suggested last year. I definitely feel that SG should add something that feels like a steady progression towards ascension items. Sure, random luck over enough time will land an item, but having a long but definite path to a goal would help a lot.

Minor quibble: I think your relative pricing between 3* and 4* is off. Collective wisdom is that 3* rare mats drop at about 3x higher frequency than 4*. So, if it takes 150 map pieces to get a 3*, then the price for a 4* should be about 450 pieces.

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Thanks, I kinda figured the numbers were off. The idea is still the same. Whether it is 200 or 450 it still will take a while, but I know having an end insight will definitely help most players.

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