Treasure is trash

What is that junk called treasure coming from my three chests??? Im on platnum for raids you know s&g… World chest? Lololol. Pure junk. Look at what i spend on this game!!! Instead of a treasure chest. Update it to show trash cans. Because its all we get… JUNK… Update. Ty s&g that chest was great. The two hero tokens was perfect. Also was he compas an hidden blade. Ty

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Yeah you “spend on the game” so you should get super special “treasure chests” filled with epic loot.

Less spending,
less frustrating :wink:

You will probably say SG favors these guys…

Another whine thread.
want some cheese with that?


Just got Damascus blade from the titan chest. It’s not all trash.

You want to get supershiny items from every 3rd chests?

Then what?

Max everyone and move on to another game because this one becomes boring?

Go away.


The fight took longer than the production :rofl:

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Hey, you got 5 recruits.
Not all is lost :wink:

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One man’s trash is another man’s treasure

Another post on a similar thread talked about tracking loot, since our memory tends to focus on the unlucky and crap loot vs. the decent stuff we get.

I had gotten nothing to speak of from last two titan chests, or any of the titans killed to fill them…but just now received rings from titan, and chest gave me darts! Two at once! :grin:

Try tracking it, I have found it really does balance out over time.

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