Treasure hunt quest

I got this idea which could make going through old levels more fun - Treasure hunt!

Somewhere, a mission would pop out (like the special offers would be best mechanism - maybe Vivica would inform you that she found something interesting).

This mission would start with a riddle of some kind pointing towards a certain level (not too hard a riddle, people would share the answer anyway). After completing the level, another clue would appear. This would go on for about 5 levels until you reach a treasure chest containing some goodies. You have to go through each level to receive the chest from the final one. You can’t just skip to it.

There would be several difficulties which would vary so that all players would have a chance to find the treasure, but only players who finished certain levels would be able to get the better treasures.

Making the riddles unique could prove difficult, so maybe just the last one could be a riddle you have to solve while the previous stages would be solved by your companions. This way each player’s path could be different (different level of the same stage), only the final place would be the same or generated from a limited pool of options, because once used, the riddles would have a solution online.

An option would be that completing the final level would spawn a special quest for a 4* ascension item, so that the chain wouldn’t be finished just through loot tickets.

I want this to also be too difficult for lower level players, so that the older players could get something nice.

The timing would be random and maybe about 5 times a year.

Would bring a nice totally new aspect into the game…guess I would even do this for small loot if the hunt has a nice story board…

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Should help explain the puzzles in the name of the game as well :wink:


Nice idea @InnkeRaubenstern

Possibly make you have to restrict the heroes you are allowed on those levels to make it more difficult but be cryptic about what are the restrictions.

Some ideas,
Colour code: you would need to setup specific order of colours. Ex.: Green, Blue, Green, Purple, Yellow
No Items allowed: speaks for itself you’ll have to remove the items from your team before starting the level.
4 hero team: leave one slot of your team open

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One of the puzzles is why the name has “Empires” in it :smiley:


Yeah, that’s a good idea! It would also restrict from using loot tickets to skip a level. I’m usually against these kinds of restrictions, but in this case it would make sense. It could be something like “Go see Muggot, he’ll tell you what you want to know. But beware, he’s scared of fire. You won’t get him to talk with any of that kind around.”

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What about “Go see Robert but be aware his focus is mainy centered on health.”

Translates to “No heroes with poison abilities and a healer in the middle.”

Addon idea off Aggoras post…

Maybe quest has 5 pre-selected heros. This way u wouldnt know which heros you would need and need develop. They could make a story that interacted with the chosen heros…

I’m not against the idea of specific hero quests but I think this will add a lot of unwanted extra frustration for players not having certain heroes.

Love this idea!



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