Trash is trash

Fed up, but fed up with the ■■■■■■■ AI of the game. You connect, with a team that has cost you effort and money and you have 3 attacks that take away 48 and 50 drinks, AND ARE A ■■■■, GARBAGE of 500 points less and trash of 3 *, than in lavenganza, which gives you 10 drinks , lasts less than 30 seconds. One thing is one thing and this is another.

Bruh…settle down

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I’m not sure I understand your complaint. Could you please rephrase or elaborate?

The trophies :trophy: or cups (“drinks”) you earn from winning a raid is based on the difference between your trophies and those of the foe, if someone below you raids and beats your team, they earn many trophies. If you Revenge them (and you still have more trophies) you will not recover them,

As a general rule, Revenge is only useful for finding easy targets to fill your Heroes Wanted Chest. If you are trying to run up your trophies, reroll to find targets that have more trophies than you with a team you think you can beat.

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