Transmutation option for loot

How about an option in the loot menu to change one material into another? Say you can’t find a battle manual but 50 trainer manuals could be converted into one battle manual in say 24hrs.

Or, say you can’t find a warm cape but 10 chainmail shirts could be converted into one? Time conversion factor and required items based on star tiers and rarity.

For simpler items: say 10 potent leaves equals 1 crypt mushroom in 3 hrs, etc.

The idea came to me when I ran out of string for arrows, “string” seriously… Here I’ve got rope and leather strips, but can’t make a string. Went out to farm and no “string” to be found…

Simplified version: Create a two star item with 10 of any other two star item, etc, etc. (Would be a nice way to help to reduce the amount of material surplus)


An excellent idea, similar to this one that’s been heavily discussed:


I also think this is a fantastic idea. I like grinding out items as much as the next gamer, but to a point it becomes really frustrating to have 500+ swords, but no backpacks. Maybe the building could be a transmutation building and it could function kind of like the barracks does (You have to build it on top of another building). This would also encourage people to continue playing the game, rather than giving up on ascension or training items and quitting in frustration.

I agree to any idea that brings an option to get ascension materials. Those are too rare :rage:

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