Translation problems

Hi everyone. I’m new here so pardon me if you have already had such a topic. I have been playing since September and there have always been some mistakes with the russian translation of the game, but they were tolerable. It got worth during the last event - most of the new heroes’ powers beeing messed up. And now the update - you have changed all the names that we have been used to. For example, I am not able to ‘ascend’ my heroes anymore, I must ‘reborn’ them,.which even doesn’t sound as fun :slight_smile: moreover, there is no such word as ‘переродить’ in russian in such a form. You can’t give birth to someone more than once. Thank you for reading, hope, you find a better translator.


The concept of rebirth is possible in some societies/religions. Just saying. :wink:

I will move this post to the existing foreign translations thread. :blush:

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Kelile is a single hit Hero, but in the Dutch translation it suggests Kelile should be hitting nearby opponents, this isn’t the case.
Please correct this in the Dutch translation.
I am using ios for iphone5 btw.

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