(Translation) Problem with coins disappearing

Saludos tengo problemas con las monedas de Atlantis, tengo 97, tire en distintos momentos y gane 6 por alguna razón no se reflejan, se han perdido.
Si es posible quisiera recuperarlas.


“Hi, I’m having some poblems with Atlantis coins, I have 97, which dropped at different times. I won another 6, but for some reason they are not reflected in my current total, they have been lost. If possible, I would like to recover them.
Thank you.”

The language of the forum is mainly English. If you post anywhere other than in #foreign-languages, you will need to translate your post to English.

No one here can help you with this problem. You need to create a support ticket. Here is how to do that.

El idioma del foro es principalmente el inglés. Si escribe en otra parte que no sea en #foreign-languages, deberá traducirlo al inglés.

Nadie aquí puede ayudarte con este problema. Necesitas crear un ticket de soporte. Puedes crearlo así:

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