Translation issues etc. [Polish version]

So I have noticed some mistranslations in polish version of the game.

1# Translation of special skills of heroes that have the HP condition: Ursena, Fenrir, Kage, Azlar Costume and don’t know who else, I guess only them.
Polish translation do not match english description. Lets discuss it with Ursena as an example. In polish version description suggests that hero does its primary attack (130% to all) and then if the condition is fulfilled it does additional (word: “więcej”) 260%, so it basically says that Ursena may do 390% of damage. While english description clearly says that Ursena does 130% of damage OR 260% if the condition is fulfilled.

Solution: Delete word “więcej” in the description like I shown on pictures below.

2# Mistranslation of “elemental link”. Zulag’s elemental link does not match previous translations. Zulag has “Połączenie z żywiołem” while all previous hotm’s have “Spoiwo żywiołów”.

Solution: Change Zulag’s elemental link to “Spiowo żywiołów” because it sounds much better and will be compliant with previous HOTM’s.

3# Sif’s speciall skill description lacks two space bars.

Solution: Just add two space bars. One between “o” and “-50%” and second between “na” and “4 tury”.

4# This is only my suggestion but please change name for Zocc’s speciall skill. It sounds so weird in polish.

Solution: Change it from “Nożowy tajfun” to “Tajfun noży”.

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I’d also add that translating “when mana is full” as “kiedy mana jest nienaruszona” (Zocc, Hansel etc. specials) is strongly confusing and it would be better to translate it as “kiedy mana jest pełna”.

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Yeah, “kiedy mana jest pełna” is way better, just sounds like proper translation. “Kiedy mana jest nienaruszona” to me it sounds more like “when mana is empty”.
So yeah, you have good point here and “kiedy mana jest nienaruszona” should be changed to “kiedy mana jest pełna”.
Affected heroes: Zocc, Hansel, Gretel, Pixie, Alfrike.

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