Translation in forum


I try to get on here and help answer as many questions as I can, but I see many are in foreign languages. I feel that there needs to be a translate category available that is easy to do. Perhaps have their question translated as it is being posted automatically. Right now you need To translate through google to English, then to post and reply, then you need to edit again with your response. I don’t want to see anyone left behind or feel left out simply because they cannot speak/ write English. I know there will be translations that are incorrect with google, but unless you have a group of people that can decipher over 100 languages there is no feasible solution. Cheers


I think there are a number of volunteer players who work very hard to help those who speak Foreign Languages to get their questions answers and get the help the need.

Hats off to every last one of them. :wink:


Yes, I and everyone else appreciate them very much. However, the main languages I suppose are monitored such as Spanish, French, etc. but what about the others?


The ones I run into the most are Portuguese, Russian, Polish and German.