Translation Error (Dutch): Marjana doesn't deal fire damage to nearby enemies

When using Marjana she should give 300 fire dmg to the target ans enemies nearby. The target gets the damage, but not the enemies nearby.

She is a single target hero

Gravemaker burns 3
Azlar burns all

Re read her card again

Welcome to the forum btw and not the first time i have seen this misread



Translation Error (Dutch): Marjana doesn’t deal fire damage to nearby enemies

I am not misreading the card. I just checked the English version, it’s correct there. It’s the Dutch translation that is wrong.

I’ll translate to English:
2: target AND enemies nearby :wink:

There is the problem.


I’ve updated the title of this post to reflect the specific problem, and I will flag it for moderation. There’s a master thread for translation errors here: [Master] In Game Translation Errors for Foreign Languages - Please add your suggestions


Splitting a thread like this is going to be messy, I’ll just quote the post into the other thread. (Which you can always do too, if you see stuff like this.)

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