Transitional Training Alliance (TITAN RAMPAGE)

Hey everyone, I would first like to start off by thanking Rook, Bahahaha, and Vivenna for all they have done to make this game more enjoyable. They have helped push many players to new heights and I would like to return the favor.

After spending over a year and a half in the same Alliance me and two others have finally decided to start helping newer players learn the game. We have a ton of experience between the three of us and would like to invite all new players to join us so that we can continue passing it on as our priors have.

For those experienced players, Feel free to pop in and give advice on hero placement, battle tips, and even some tricks of your own expertise that could help build better teams. Pop in and stay as long as you like or even forever (ya know… because that would also be okay)

Check out TITAN RAMPAGE and see what we are all about. Help us, Help you, help others to become the best we can and wreak havoc on any titan that crosses our path.