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I want to transfer the game for an iphone to an android. When I go to my iphone I can see the option; Link device. It generates a code. So I downloaded the game on my new phone but it seems it is a new game as I am going through the tutorial?

You have to complete the tutorial first then you can log into your old account under settings.

I have completed the tutorial and can not transfer the game. When I go to the menu I get some options on how to log in. When I log in it directs me to my email account on my new phone and when I want to log in to that email account it says it already exists.

I have contacted support and the advice they gave me was to get a code on my old phone, which I did. Then to advise was to put that code in my new game, but the only option there is: Link to an IOS device. That is not what I want. I want it from Ipone to andoid…

Are you using the same email address on both devices? e.g. Apple Game center email and the same on Google Play Games?

Yes, both email is the same.

Under the Link to an IOS device, you have two options. Generate a code and input a code. The code is only valid for a limited time and both devices have to be connected to the same network. Have a look.

On my iPhone I have the option: Link to a new device, it generates a code. When I look on my android phone it says: Link to IOS. Both devices are connected to the same network. What puzzles me is where do I put in the code that I get from my iPhone? I have contacted customer service and explained the issue but they are under the impression I lost my phone so I have been given a list of what to do next. They tell me to connect to FB on my new phone? It makes no sense except for the gems I get if I connect. Anyway, it is a nightmare

Clink on the button that says to “link to iOS”. You will see two options #1 “Generate a code” (ignore this) and #2 “Input a code”. Click on this and enter your code…


I could hug you right now. That worked. I am over the moon!


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