Transfer game to new phone?

Is there a way to transfer my game account from my old phone to my new phone?

Make sure you get the Android “play games” app that allows you sign in to your account from your new phone.

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It is an Iphone with IOS.

Gamecenter serves the same function on IOS though it was flaky for me.

Worst case make note of your account ID, in game name, your level, alliance, etc. and if it doesn’t transfer automagically you can open a support ticket and they will assist.


Previously we could use Facebook to transfer data, but now some of the phones can not be supported to do this work due to some problems, unless your game account has been tied up before that ,
In addition it , you can use the transfer tool to do , but it is not free ,

Per the FAQ, you initially want to sync your game to Game Center (on iOS) or Google Play (Android).

You can see whether your game is synced by going in game to your main screen. Click Menu > Options and look at the very bottom:

I get it , At first I used Google to transmit, but the result was not ideal.Some data is lost in the process.maybe only software can do that.

I have succeeded now. I will check the data on my phone to see if I have lost it.