Training recruits annoying Issue

Hi all

I’ve not been playing long but have come across a section which is becoming very annoying on a daily bases because my only forced option to fix the problem is to stop playing for days until it completes it cause.

What am I talking about you; the training camps where we turn recruits into heros at it’s 2bd level states it takes 15 minutes for each training session and I have 2 camps and as my recruits kept maxing out at 60 recuits whilst waiting for materials to upgrade abd training allowed me to add more than obe at a time I loaded both camps to around 20 or more and this is where the problem started as the timers that display jumped from 4 or 5 hours to 3 or 4 days and this has bern going on for a week now as to to playing to be able to advance in the game with better * heros I am FORCED to stop playing untill the training camp catches up.

I am now at level 13, stronghold 9 just about to jump to 10, and every other building upgraded accordingly all except the training camps which are still at level 2 because playing forces me to keep adding recruits because thier houses are full with 60+ waiting in line.

Is this an issue for others ? And if do how have you worked around it or is it a bug in the system as the difference between the 15 minutes each hero which is 4 an hour and the what actually happening which is 3 or 4 a day is very Big.


you can use the - symbol on the training camp to reduce the amount of heroes you are training, the recruits and food will be given back to you if you have enough storage to keep them

You move all of your queued recruits to one tc. The minus button takes them out of queue just as you add to queue by tapping plus button.

You fill the houses and the food storage to near capacity, add to other tc, rinse, repeat.

Any heroes waiting to be collected will have to be used, though. So adding roster slots or have a hero in need of leveling when you do this.

Going with what has been said by @finjitsu and @Bud have discussed. I can tell you that I’ve had this “issue” that you are describing when I was lower leveled. It also sounded like you might be a F2P player. When you are lowered leveled, you level up quicker and every time you level up, you get your world energy refilled, allowing you to go through more levels. Also, being that you won’t unlock more building spots until you reach higher level of Stronghold, you are stuck with upgrading your existing housing options, so unless you buy the VIP Pass to add a second builder or pay gems to skip building progress, you are stuck with having to wait until a building finishes upgrading before you can move onto the next one.

At this point in your game, if I remember correctly, you only have 2 houses for your recruits and won’t get another one until you reach stronghold level 11. Also at this point, you are probably completing levels fasters and filling recruits into houses faster than you are training them, so there are going to quite a bit of “your houses are full messages.” Doesn’t help out by the fact each housing upgrade only adds +2 or +4 to the capacity.

Yes, I had a few of those messages, but knowing the limitations I was running into, I just bit the bullet (plus I also didn’t know I could back out of the training queues until about a month ago) and focused primarily on training camp levels because higher training options is what eats up recruits.

Since your Training Camps are also lower in level in comparison to others in your base, I’d say don’t make them lag behind too much, you can bring their levels up quite quickly from level 2. You may want to back out the training sessions out of one camp like the suggestions above, upgrade that a few times, then repeat for the other camp. You will eventually need to get those up to access more powerful research options.

In the later stages of the game after you get access to more buildings and their productions increase, if you are like me (didn’t purchase VIP pass), you are likely going to run into more situations where your Iron Storage or Food Storage are full as you wait for a building to finish upgrading and less of an issue with recruit numbers once you get to better research options in the camps.

Good luck to you.

Along with what the others have suggested, you don’t HAVE to train more heroes. When I was your level I was always too low in food to make use of the training camps. You’ll lose recruits by not using them, but you can still play with full houses.

Thanks for the advice. I actually do have s VIP PASS amd both builders are constantly working.

Nice tip about backing heros out I didn’t relise that could be done but having that my recruits is also full up.

Understanding what ur all telling me why does it take days instead of the advertised 15 mins per hero. If the system/game stuck to it’s time frame whi h would work out to 5 heros an hour (give or take ) this wouldn’t be an issue yo start with as I’m only getting 3 or 4 heros a day completing the training camp.


If you are training “Common and Uncommon” hereos it’s 30m. If you are doing the cheap but slow option its 3 hours per hero.

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I don’t think I understood that part of your question. You’re wondering why the time to complete the training goes up when you add more heroes to train, correct? The time given is the total time to complete all of the training, so your first “common” hero will say it will finish in ten minutes, and for every one you add it will add ten minutes. Each hero still only takes ten minutes to complete.

Edit to add: that’s how long it takes for the common heroes. Other options take other times, for example “common and uncommon” takes thirty minutes per hero.