Training Officer

As in many other games. Add a Training Officer rank. Thereby assigning someone to train up and coming alliance member in an alliance.

Excuse me, but what exactly would that accomplish?

In our alliance, many experienced members chip in. Depending on what the questions are. We have two absolute specialists, and, e.g., I will help and advise on questions about farming, will find / scout out information in the forum and give advice like “If you are dropping cups anyway to fill your pvp chest faster, you might as well look for opponents with lots of hams, to feed your heroes”.

To my mind, one person would be overburdened with such a “job”.


Well the big picture is that the co -leader or elder title doesn’t accomplish much, its largely an honorific title. Whereas I believe assigning the responsibility for “training” other alliance members would encourage discussion about how to improve your game and about the subtlties of the game in general. It could be more than one person assigned to that role. I agree that this is happening now even without the title. But I think it would happen even more if alliances had people assigned to that role.

Elder and co-leader have as much or little meaning as you want them to have.

In both my current alliances colead means quite a bit when it comes to alliance leadership… does not in other alliance I’ve been in.

Elder mattered in one and not the other, now it doesn’t really matter in both, so that can change over time too. LIke Anja I don’t see much need for yet another title which ultimately still only matters based on the meaning you and the rest of the alliance give it.

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Well, in our alliance, co-leader and elder is not an honorary title but means work :slight_smile: Those people have a job to do, to ensure that everything runs smoothly. And each member of the leadership team does what he or she does best. (I should know, I am an elder :wink: )

And when it comes to helping members who have a question, the other members also chip in.

And our absolute experts do volunteer to help with setting up the team of heroes, which heroes to level, etc. But they would be absolutely overburdened if people applied to them to answer every question about the game … poor guys …

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