Training Manual Brag Post...How Many Do You Have?

The good ole training Training Manual that teaches us concepts like which end of the sword to hold…how many of them do you have??? Come on!!! Brag a little!!

I’ve been playing 11 months and here’s my total…

I know some of you old timers have to have an entire library of them! Anyone over 12,000? Over 15,000?


I have 9762, playing since Aug 1 2017.

I only farm 1.8.7

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I have been playing almost as long as you… 10,479!!!

I am amazed at your swords and backpacks more tho……. I use them as fast as I get them to get feeders… currently only have 3 and 2 respectively of those.

Rugged clothes are at 9,433.

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Seriously, what are you guys doing with that many backpacks…do you not want to level your heroes??


Started May 23, 2017. I’ve gotten a few


I just finished tc1 and started tc2 now. I still have over 2k backpacks in my inventory, I just dont have the recruits…

I rarely spend any WE on farming unless it’s to fill a chest I’ve skipped…

3 tc11 and 1 tc20 for food and recruit storage. I save up tc11 for a while. Then power level when i pull a worthy hero.

It’s funny, until I saw this thread I didn’t realize just how many of these things have accumulated. S&G gotta find another use for them. Hopefully the alchemy lab will allow us to change them into something useful! Been Playing since July 17’.

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I have a big collection of packs and swords right now because I’m running 3 TC20 trying to force this crazy game to give me a red 5 star hero. Yes, playing 11 months and I haven’t come across one yet…but I do have a nice collection of mystic rings! :wink:

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Quite a bit fewer than you but getting there.

What is this item used for again?

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