Training lvl w0

I’ve had training lvl 20 for a year now and still yet to receive a 5 star hero is this broken I’m getting rather annoyed I could be upgrading other heros instead what’s going on sort it out please

@shadmist tc20 is not broken - you’ve just had an incredibly bad run of luck.

I am saying that assuming you keep your camp continually stocked with feeders and have pulled a hero every 2 days for the last year. 0 5*s out of around 182 (365/2=182.5) pulls is very far outside of the Tc20 norm, so I’m wondering if, perhaps, it’s not running 24/7/365…

To increase your luck with tc20, focus on farming enough feeder heroes to keep it running continuously. I farm level 8-7 for my feeders. Without using WE flasks, I have 2 tc20s stocked with enough recruits for over a month. Keep your camp running and you should see an improvement in pulls.

Regardless, it’s not broken. A member of my alliance just got Quintas this morning. Sure, Lianna or Magni would have been better, but he’s still a 5*. :smile:

My last draw from TC20 was Thorne, my first 5* since September. That’s running just one TC20 constantly. My first 5* came after 80 pulls and three months waiting, using two TC20 for most of that period. Contrariwise, I’ve bern known to get back to back 5* heroes as well.
It does seem to be working, for me at least, but I admit the streaks are painful when I get fail after fail to receive any useful results.

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