Training kamps / hero aquiring

Well one of my frustrations is that you have to tap tap and tap to get heroes you train in the kamps.
Same thing for items made in the forge.

Would be so MUCH better, just tap the training kamp, chose your training type and the are send to heroes once ready???

Just remove some anoying lines in the software.

hmmm maybe a click once collect all would be good but not an automatic add to heros collection when finished. not collecting heros from camps when ready can be an excellent tool tk stockpile feeder heros

plus if you make as many feeders as i do then you would constantly not be able to farm because roster is full and you would be forced to buy food or slots and that would get expensive

I am not sure what your frustration exactly is:

  1. Tapping tapping tapping after you have finished training a lot of heroes?
  2. Tapping tapping tapping when you want to start a high amount of trainings?

The solutions are:

  1. Press on the trainingscamp --> train --> ‘‘collect’’ at the bottom of your screen and you will collect all of your trained heroes at once (until your collection is full ofcourse).

  2. Hold your finger on the + sign until you have reached either the desired amount or maximum possible trainings.

@Rigs I am also struggling to understand your suggestion.

You would like to collect all of your heroes at once, but you don’t want to add them to your collection. Why would you want to do that if you do not collect your heroes, because you want to stockpile them anyway?

Do you mean that when you decide to ‘‘speed level’’ a hero, you would like to collect all of those feeder heroes at once without interference of your hero collection maximum capacity?

I’m confused haha, help me! :smile:

lol sorry wasnt clear.

yes when i go to level my heros like i did alby for instance:

instead of feeding him what’s in my roster and then clicking the tc for more feeders and watch them each get individually added(outside of duplictates), i would rather just 1 click them and let them all be added as long as roster doesnt go over capacity. It pretty much does this now but could be a tad better if i didnt have to click “ok” for each hero coming out of the tc.

and to help tc20 users still see the heros they pull, the tcs could just do a summarized list of heros you just collected with 1 OK at the bottom instead of ok ok ok ok ok ok ok

sliders for dumping resources into camps, especially moving them around, would be nice too

Oke I understand and tested it just now.

The function ‘‘collect’’ inside the forge does collect all of your items at once.

The function ‘‘collect’’ inside the training camps does NOT collect all of your heroes at once. It is true that you still have to press ‘‘ok’’ after every hero appearance. Annoying.

I would suggest you to add the idea into this topic Shortlist of Frequent Requests (Ruled Out & Considering - Please Read Before Posting!).

I don’t now what the difficulty reading this is, I just would like if you have finised your training, you can place your trained heroes in your heroes box to feed the to higher heroes, now if you have trained 50 heroes you have to tap 50 times OK, does that sounds ridiculous yes it does, and it is a stress factor for me.

I agree, I want to leave some in camps, I wish we had more controls over who we can claim when there are many. Maybe I only want a certain color right now. That would be great.

But you don’t have they choice what to leave in the camps, all or nothing is the only choice, like a stupid chicken picking weed, you have to tap okokokokokokokokokokokokokokokok and accept, that’s it.

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