Training ground 14-18

Does anyone use these levels for hero’s (or fodder)? Seems a bit underwhelming to go back to element specific Rares after the rare/epic level 13. Seems like it should be targeted element up to epic but still low epic rates.

I don’t currently use anything above Province 13 (except to further the story). When someone gives me a real good reason, I’ll farm higher. :wink:

@Rook, better reread this buddy, I think you’re missing something :wink:

Apparently I need three days of sleep :grin:

Okay, 1) I’m at TC-13, just to be up-front. 2) According to the wiki:

I always assumed based on the above that after TC-13 (ability to make 3*, with slim chance of 4*), that the next really valuable lvl would be TC-20 (miniscule chance to make 5*).

I assumed that TC-14 through TC-19 would roughly duplicate lvls TC-5 thru TC-9 (heroes by element).

Thanks Zappercat! heads off to zzz

That just restates the issue. Almost half of the higher level tiers at the TC are useless if there is 13 then 20 that players find worthwhile.

They feel really useless. As well as 19 where you get super fast low level heroes for a ridiculous amount of food. No one will ever use this.

I have bought all heroes, so I use level 11 training, for extra cheap fodder for my heroes. I’m currently leveling camp to 20 to get at least one doing chance for 5*. I still don’t have all 5* heroes :slight_smile:

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Yeah I use level 11 as well, it’s especially useful to have a few going overnight for next to no cost.

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I use two TC-13’s in the benighted hope that one day a 4* hero is gonna drop (no luck so far, I’ll let you know). The last one is either used on Uncommon or Fast (TC2, 3) because I am impatient. :wink:

I don’t know if this has been answered somewhere else before, but does TC-20 have a higher chance of a 4* than TC-13?

I dont think anyone knows. Just added chance of 5* would be my guess thus overall less chance of 3* but sill probably 99% chance

@Coppersky Do you have a TC-20 yet? Your insight please? :wink:

I would expect TC-20 to have bigger chance for 4* than TC-13, but I am not that far yet and I haven’t done any TC-13 either so I could compare.