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Hello, I wanted to report an error, it happens to me that I have been training in field 13 for more than two months and not a single hero of 4 * has come out. It’s frustrating. I think there is an error in this, because I train in two fields at the same time during that time, I will have trained more than 60 70 heroes and none of 4 *, all of 3 * …

Nah, just bad luck.
The chance for 4* is something like 5%.
Just hope you don’t get the same result once you get to TC20 :slight_smile:

En serio?!? Bueno, tengo otra cuenta, se llama Darth tango, y en esa tan solo conseguí un héroe de 4* al principio del juego, lo demás todo 3-2-1… En tres meses solo un 4*… Es ridículo…

I have been doing training in ct13 for 3 months and I have never won a 4 * and my alliance friends got one with 10 days pure luck is not mistake, I sincerely think the ct13 little useful I prefer to spend the 2 days of training climbing the ct as close as possible
from the fortress to put the ct20 working as soon as possible.

A ver, más de tres meses y ningún 4*… Me parece un error que dependa solo de probabilidad, debería haber un contador o algo que si te salieron 20 de 3* seguidos, pues que te den uno de 4*, por lo menos,porque a mi me indigna que haya gente que cada diez días le de uno y a ti o a mi después de varios meses solo nos haya dado 3*…

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